Ring Size Guide by Lucce

Option 1: Request for a Free Lucce Ring Sizer

We are happy to send you a free ring sizer (US Standard Size). Just click request now button below and complete the form.
lucce ring sizer
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How to Use the Ring Sizer

1. The ring sizer works much like a belt. Slide the end of the sizer through the loop to make a circle with the numbers facing out and right side up.
lucce how to use ring sizer step 1
2. Place the ring sizer around the ring finger and adjust it until it fits comfortably. Try to take it off and on the finger like how you would do with a real ring. Find the right grip and fit.

Right size: You can put the ring sizer on with ease and taking it off with resistance on the knuckle. If you choose a ring with a thin band, we advise to get a size with a strong resistance on the knuckle when you take off the sizer.
Wrong sizes:
Too big - You can put the ring sizer on and off with so much ease.
Too small - You can put the ring sizer on but cannot take it off at all.

lucce how to use ring sizer step 2

3. Read the number to the left of the loop. That indicates the ring size. (the ring size shown below is 7)
lucce how to use ring sizer step 3
See Tips on How To Get Her Ring Size

Ring Size Chart Dimension Measurement US


Option 2: Measure by Matching Her Ring

Zoom in your computer screen and position your credit card on the line below to get the accurate measurement. You can also print this guide in US Letter size and scaled to 100%. 

Use an existing ring that fits a ring finger well. Match the inside of that ring with one of the circles below. When the ring has been placed on the right size, you should see only the gray circle-- with no black space inside the ring. If the ring falls between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size. 

lucce ring match guide