How to have a Succesful Engagement Proposal - Road to Her "YES"

  • How to Pair a Halo Engagement Ring with Wedding Bands

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    The journey to finding the perfect engagement ring is a significant chapter in anyone's life, and when it comes to halo engagement rings, the proce...
  • 5 Reasons Why Platinum Rings Are the Epitome of Luxury

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    With their enduring allure and distinguished status, platinum rings remain an unrivaled choice for those seeking the ultimate in luxury and sophistication.
  • Platinum: The Metal fit for Queens

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    Platinum is the ultimate metal, the perfect host for Moissanites and Diamonds and the romantic choice for engagement and eternity rings. In the 1780s, King Louis XVI of France declared platinum the “only metal fit for kings”.
  • Dazzle and Delight: 5 Ways to Style Diamond Earrings with Any Outfit

    Indulge in the brilliance of diamond earrings and elevate your ensemble to new heights. In this article, we present you with 5 fabulous ways to style your diamond earrings with any outfit, effortlessly combining sophistication and flair.
  • All About Cultured Diamonds: The Shimmering Revolution

    Cultured diamonds, often referred to as lab-grown diamonds, are not just sparkling stones; they represent a triumph of sustainability, ethics, and innovation. When you choose a cultured diamond from Lucce, you're making a promise of ethical love. 
  • The Timeless Elegance of Platinum Rings

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    Every platinum ring at Lucce begins with a design that captures the essence of your love story. Whether it's a classic solitaire or a more intricate setting, each design is carefully created to ensure it reflects your style and personality.

  • HPHT vs CVD Lab Diamonds: Which One is Better?

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    You'd want the best of the best for lifetime symbol of your love—especially for its lab diamond center. So couples ask: which diamond growing process is better? Find out through this article. 📱💍
  • The Rising Trend of Lab Diamond Engagement Rings in the Philippines

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    The rising trend of lab diamond engagement rings in the Philippines reflects a growing awareness and appreciation for sustainability and ethics among couples. Couples can now find the perfect ring that not only symbolizes their love but also reflects their values.
  • The Durability of Love: How Platinum Rings Symbolize an Everlasting Bond

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    In the world of love and commitment, symbolism plays a vital role. The exchange of rings in a romantic relationship is a cherished tradition, signi...
  • Enduring Brilliance: Designing Rings that Last a Lifetime

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    Lucce Rings is your gateway to a world of unmatched craftsmanship, superior gemstones, and ethical luxury. We take pride in valuing our pieces in the lasting moments and stories that they hold where your engagement ring, wedding band, and fine jewelry becomes an enduring symbol of love for a lifetime.
  • Finding the Perfect Symbol of Love: How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring in the Philippines

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    At Lucce, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect symbol of love. With our extensive collection of engagement rings and expert guidance, you can embark on your journey towards eternal love with confidence and joy.
  • Platinum Rings: A Durable Investment for a Lifetime of Cherished Memories

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    Platinum rings are not just pieces of jewelry; they are timeless investments that hold a lifetime of cherished memories. Crafted from one of the rarest and most precious metals on Earth, these engagement rings and wedding bands are built to withstand the test of time.