Tips on How to Get Her Ring Size

blog tips on how to get her ring size

We memorize our shoe size, waist line, even our hat size if we’re into that kind of thing — but ring size is not something many of us think about until we have to. And yet, it’s one of the most important details when buying an engagement ring. 

The fact is, having an engagement ring that does not fit can be a moment killer for you and your fiancée. You wouldn’t want to have to return the ring for resizing after you surprise your fiancée with it. It could be quite saddening when you announce the big news and then have no ring to show for it. After all, the ring is in the spotlight after an engagement.

So how can you find her ring size? Here’s our ring sizing tips that can help you size things up and still keep your secret.

1. Use our free ring sizer

Yes! We can send you a free ring sizer to make it all easy for you. It is very easy to use and will accurately tell her ring size. Here are some creative ways to get her ring size using our very own Lucce ring sizer:

> Ask a family member of friend to measure her ring size by sneaking in her room while she sleeps. Or if you catch her asleep, you can do it yourself! Just make sure that you bring the ring sizer wherever you go.
> Pretend that you wanted to help a friend to know his girlfiriend’s ring size. Tell her that your friend’s girlfriend fingers are pretty much like hers. Or you can ask someone else to do this trick for you. Just make sure to choose a good actor.
> Ask a friend to pretend that they will be selling rings and he/she want to give the both of you free rings as a gift. Your friend will then measure your ring sizes. You get your size first and then hers. Please remember her size okay?

2. Grab another ring

If only it were this easy! If your fiancée-to-be wears a ring on her left ring finger, you can borrow it or steal it secretly of course. If it’s a ring she doesn’t wear often, it should be no problem to remove it from her jewelry box and measure it by using our ring match guide. 

But if she wears it every day, you’ll need to be sneakier than that. You can borrow (for example you just want to play with it) and also try it on and see if it fits one of your fingers. Just make sure she was wearing that ring on the left ring finger.

3. Pass the ring around

Ask her married or engaged friends to pass around their rings for people to try on. Have one of them observe what ring fits your fiancée-to-be. You can then ask her friend about the size of that ring.

4. If you really can’t get her ring size by all means, just ask her. If you don’t want to do this and wanted to make a wild guess, most of the women’s ring size is either 4.5, 5 or 5.5. But guessing is so so risky. Well, it’s up to you! 

There you have it! ;)


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