Client Reviews, Testimonials, and Feedback

"Lucce is an award-winning Manila based designer that crafts ethical and elegant rings for the eco-conscious bride and groom. Using the finest lab-grown diamonds and moissanite, the brand is committed to help couples tell their love story and life values through their fine wedding jewellery."

British Vogue, 2022


"Lucce wins best bespoke wedding ring designer at the 2020 Global Wedding Awards, United Kingdom."

LuxLife Magazine, 2020


"Lucce champions ethical, environment friendly, and responsibly made jewelry."

Manila Bulletin, 2022


"The Brand puts love and sustainability front and center, a champion of innovation for global good"

AIM2Flourish, 2023


Manuel: "Lucce executed our custom design flawlessly, exceeding our expectations. We are happy with our purchase. Thank you." 

Kennenth:  "She said, YES!! Thank you Lucce, the best."

Geoffrey: It's already here. It's breathtaking, my goodness. I'm shaking. Thank you so much.

Tue: All received. Looks beautiful. Thank you for the rings. I am certain she will love them as I do.

Julian: It looks wonderful. Thank you so much for the stellar and excellent service! 5 stars.

Mike: I would just like to inform you that we are pleased with how the rings turned out. Great work! Thank you so much!

Cedrick: We received the ring. Thank you so much for accomodating us. She loves it. The fit is perfect. Hope you can serve more customers

Leah: I super love my Jamila. People and friends were also really impressed. It's so beautiful. It's waaaaay more than I expected. Thank you so much.

Shiela: Thank you for making my dream engagement ring!

Ace: Thanks for being part of our big day! I really love the new halo design. Hopefully, my partner will love it. So far the best I have seen here locally.

Clemens: Just got the ring. It's so beautiful! Thank you so much!

Joseph: Ring looks perfect! I hope she says yes!

Michael: My fiancée absolutely loves her engagement ring! Apart from the superb quality of the ring, what stood out as well was the exceptional customer service of Lucce.

Maria: Very beautiful ring, but more importantly, Lucce has excellent service. I have very sensitive skin and my ring is white gold, which has trace amounts of an element that I'm very allergic to. Lucce recrafted the ring and coated it in a more hypoallergenic metal for me. They didn't make it hard for me and happily solved my issue. I'm super pleased. Thank you Lucce.

Daryll: The proposal was a success! The ring was a perfect fit and my partner loved it so much. My heartfelt thanks to the whole team. Also, we really appreciate your partnership with Hoping that more
companies will be as eco-conscious as you are. You may expect that we will be purchasing our wedding bands with you soon. Thank you!

KyleThank you! The ring is so beautiful!

ReeI just got it and I instantly cried upon opening. The rings are so beautiful and everything I ever wanted. Thank you so so much!

Darren: Thank you very much for your confirmation. You have been very accommodating and helpful with everything. I appreciate you being part of our life as a couple and beyond!

Neil: My girlfriend is now my fiancée! She really loves the ring. Thanks again!

Deniece: This might be the most beautiful thing I got my hands on. It is perfect! Thank you, Christine and Lucce!

Arnz: Thank you so much for the beautiful ring. I'm sure she'll love it. You guys are awesome!

Toffer: She said yes! Thank you for your help. My future wife loves her ring so, so much.

King: Thank you Lucce Rings for adding sparkle in this very special night between me & my fiancée. To reach this milestone that we are in right now, is the greatest moment of our relationship together thus far. And I wanna thank you for celebrating and taking delight with us. Oh her hands looks exquisite with a ring on it! 

Aran: Thanks a lot for you great service. I highly recommend your service and craftsmanship of the ring. I'll surely recommend you to my family and friends here in Cebu.

Neil: Wow you guys are simply amazing! The ring looks so beautiful and it is a dream come true! Many many thank you guys from here in Canada. 

Ivan: Your customer service is beyond expectation. Just want to tell you guys that I am grateful and I love the ring!!!

Benjo: Thank you so much for helping me! The ring is very beautiful! My mom was very jealous and demanded my dad to get her one too! My fiancee loves the ring sobra! She still can't stop showing it off to me haha. 

Gabriel: Thank you so much! I'm so glad I found your store! It is better than how I imagined it to be. I knew I picked the right store! Again, I can't thank you enough. God bless!

RJ: Thank you so much! I'm so glad I found your store! It is better than how I imagined it to be. I knew I picked the right store! Again, I can't thank you enough. God bless!

Marco: Thank you so much. Stumbling upon you guys was really meant to be. I really appreciate your help and service. You guys are awesome!

GJ: Thank you for providingbeautiful ring. My proposal went very well.

Abet: She said yes! and She loves the ring!

Ben: Superb customer service! Thank you for accommodating all of my requests and inquiries. What a blessing that I met you guys. :)

Enzo: The actual ring was so much beautiful than I thought. Never thought that I would be able to give my girlfriend's dream ring.

Andrew: Thank you Lucce for making it happen. She's so elated with her ring! 

James: The customized engagement ring is so beautiful. The whole journey from consultation, design creation, and final delivery was pleasant. Thank you Christine for making my vision come to life. Elly definitely loved it. :)

Roland: Lucce was able to deliver on the custom design that I had. Thank you for the help! My fiancée loved the custom Supernova moissanite ring.

Jas: I had my wedding earrings made by Lucce. And I love it so much! Now I secretly wish that my diamond ring is made of supernova moissanite instead. :D

Max: My fiancée loves it very much. She said it is the ring she’s always been dreaming to have. I really feel proud whenever she receives compliments from friends and family. Thank you Lucce team! 

Philip: Purchasing an engagement ring online is way better than scouting for the perfect ring in jewelry shops. It was time saving and provided me with the right and necessary information that I need. Thank you to you guys at Lucce for making it simple and fast. So happy with my purchase. My fiancée said the ring is perfect! 

Patrick: I love the concept of the rings having unique personalities. This made it so much easier for me to pick the perfect ring for my fiancée. And indeed, she loves it!

JC: Pictures don’t give justice! Actual ring is truly nice and brilliant. Thank you Lucce, Christine and Michael. Best buy for a man like me who wanted to give his girlfriend an engagement ring that she will love. Everything is beautiful— the ring, the packaging, etc! And oh, the free ring sizer was awesome help!

Gian: My cousin living in the US said moissanites are the thing now. Glad I bought my engagement ring from Lucce. No joke, it is super brilliant! My fiancée was in tears when I popped the question ;)

Enrico: My fiancée loves the ring and the whole package! She even uses the packaging box to keep her ring whenever she needs to go to the gym. Thank you also to Michael who personally delivered the ring.

Ryan: All I can say is great ring and packaging! I bought a moissanite engagement ring because it is eco-friendly which made my fiancée love it more. Thank you Lucce for the great concept and advocacy!

Marc: I was not sure on how to pick the right engagement ring. But thanks to Lucce, I was able to get the perfect one based on my fiancée's unique character. To the team at Lucce, thank you for all the tips and help!