The Ultimate Guide on Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Have you found the “one”? YES. Have you asked her father for her hand in marriage? WILL DO SOON. Already have a plan for the sweet proposal? THINKING OF IT ALREADY. Is the perfect engagement ring ready? Uhmm…..

I get it! Finding the perfect engagement ring is almost as difficult as finding your one true love. It truly can be an overwhelming task and for most men, it could be their first experience in the vast world of jewelry! I still remember my husband telling me about the day that he had to pick an engagement ring– he felt a lot of pressure and he didn’t know where to start. Carats? Setting? Cut? It is easy to get lost!

Don’t you worry. Here is the ultimate and simple guide to help you purchase an engagement ring that your partner will surely adore.

1. Design Based on Her Personality

First things first -  you would only give an engagement ring that your partner will surely love right? There is no point in having an engagement ring that she won’t wear and show-off to her friends, family and social media (of course a lot of girls love that LOL).

Findings based on market research show that women strongly prefer their engagement rings to be a reflection of their unique personality and style.  Unknown to most men is the fact that all the aspects of the ring is a reflection of who she is.  For instance, a pavé rope setting with twists that looks like vines actually signify your woman’s love for nature.  

So make sure to pick an engagement ring designed based on her personality. Always remember that giving her a ring that she’s over the moon for will score you romance points that will last forever! Checkout personality-designed engagement rings here.

2. Maximum Brilliance

She’s after maximum sparkle! Ever wondered why diamonds are very popular center stones for engagement rings? You guessed it right. They are very brilliant and sparkly which all women love! However, diamonds are now replaced by moissanites for the title of the world’s most brilliant gem. Moissanites are also second to none in terms of fire dispersion which makes its beauty unmatched under light. For these reasons, moissanites have gained popularity in the US, Europe and Australia as center stones for engagement rings. Learn more about the eco-brilliance of moissanites.

3. Ring Size

Please don’t screw this up! Having an engagement ring that does not fit can be a moment killer for you and your fiancée. Don’t fret, we got you covered in this blog post: Tips on how to get her ring size.  In addition, you can also checkout our  ring size guide.


In summary, you will never go wrong by picking a brilliant personality-designed engagement ring. Just make sure that it also fits perfectly on her ring finger! :)


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