Find the Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Lucce Engagement Ring

Engagement ring Wedding rings set yellow gold jewelry moissanite lab grown diamond manila philippines

Your engagement ring holds a special place in your heart, representing the beginning of your lifelong journey with your partner. As you embark on this beautiful journey, choosing your wedding ring is equally as important. It's a lifetime reminder of your vows and, together with your engagement ring, forms a special symbol of the love you share. At Lucce Rings, we understand the significance of this decision and offer curated wedding ring pairings to complete your bridal set.

Timeless Elegance and Expertise

Experience timeless elegance that transcends generations. With our Lucce Lavish™ lab diamond line—only certified by IGI and GIA, premium moissanite, and designer settings, our wedding ring collection features exceptional designs that are thoughtfully crafted to enhance the beauty of your engagement ring. 

Our jewellery experts will guide you through selecting a wedding band that flawlessly complements your engagement ring—understanding the importance of every detail, from the choice of metals to the arrangement of brilliant gems.

Wedding Ring Pairings for Every Style

Discover the perfect wedding ring pairing for your Lucce engagement ring. Whether you prefer a classic, vintage, or modern style, our curated wedding band selection has a pair to suit your preferences.

1. Vintage-Inspired Band

Embrace the charm of vintage aesthetic with a beautifully detailed wedding band. This shared-prong eternity Bianca Band is a symbol of your lives brought together like a beautiful symphony—let it play on forever.

Engagement ring Wedding rings white gold jewelry lab grown diamond manila philippines

Lucia Lab Diamond with a 1ct F VS1, Bianca Band

2. Contoured Band

Opt for a contoured wedding band like the Lira that perfectly aligns with the curves of your engagement ring. This style creates a harmonious and seamless look, highlighting the beauty of both rings.

pear cut v shape wedding band Engagement ring Wedding rings gold jewelry moissanite lab grown diamond manila philippines

Anna Lab Diamond with a 1ct E VS1 Pear Cut, Lira Band

3. Classic Lab Diamond Wedding Band

Enhance the brilliance of your engagement ring with the Corse Band. The timeless combination of diamonds and precious metals creates a stunning and sophisticated look.

princess cut Engagement ring eternity wedding rings white gold jewelry moissanite lab grown diamond manila philippines

Firenze Pavé Lab Diamond with a 1ct D VVS2 Princess Cut,
Corse Band with a 0.56ctw

4. Eternity Band

Symbolize eternal love with an eternity band featuring a 9-stone row of sparkling lab diamonds. This Civini 9-Stone Band adds exquisite elegance and a touch of luxury to your bridal set.

cushion cut 9 stone Engagement ring eternity Wedding rings gold jewelry moissanite lab grown diamond manila philippines

Verona Pavé Lab Diamond with a 1.25ct E VVS2 Cushion Cut, 
Civini 9-Stone Band with a 0.99ctw

5. Modern Alternating Cuts Band

For a contemporary look, consider alternating marquise and round cuts like the Marchesa Band. Whether in platinum, rose gold, or white gold, the harmony between two cuts exude modern elegance.

radiant cut engagement ring eternity wedding rings yellow gold jewelry moissanite lab grown diamond manila philippines

Sapienza Pavé Lab Diamond with a 0.75ct Radiant Cut, Marchesa Band

    Ethical Sourcing

    As advocates of ethical sourcing, we prioritize sustainability in our craft. Our wedding ring collection exclusively showcases lab-grown diamonds and moissanite, which offer unparalleled brilliance and beauty while minimizing environmental impact. 


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