Lucce's Premium Lab Grown Diamonds

While lab diamonds are crafted in a controlled environment, the elaborate process still creates gemstones of different qualities. This is why the International Gemological Institute or IGI grades these gems in terms of Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat. Read further to learn how we make sure that your jewelry piece possesses only the best quality gemstone to represent your love. 💚

A Positive Buying Experience


We know the typical diamond buying process is complex, which is why our team made it as easy as possible for you. Now, you can focus on selecting the perfect ring that enhances her inner glow. ✨ Your search for the finest Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring at the right price point ends here.

Only Premium IGI-Certified Gemstones

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Montevalle Pave Engagement Ring with a 1ct E VS1 Round Brilliant Lab Diamond

Lucce’s Premium Lab-Grown Diamonds is an assortment of the finest IGI-Certified Lab Diamonds with the best light performance at the optimal carat weights. Lucce’s Premium Lab Diamonds are only available in G or better color grades with a minimum clarity of VS1 along with an Excellent to Ideal Cut.

💎 Color: G or better

💎 Clarity: VS1 or better

💎 Cut: Excellent to Ideal

Here's an example of an IGI Report that certifies the quality of your gemstone.

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The Finest Symbol of Your Love 

Rivera 7-stone Wedding Band with 0.77ct Lab Diamonds

Only the best will qualify for Lucce’s premium Lab Diamonds in order to make sure that what you get is a perfect representation of timeless beauty and undying love.

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Do you have a specific 4C preference? You can ask us about it too.