Moissanite is a Woman's lover...

If Diamond is a girls best friend, then Moissanite is her lover! Here is why: Moissanite is a magical gemstone from meteorites that’s environmentally friendly, socially responsible, more beautiful than diamonds, but costs dramatically less.

According to numerous research studies, women in general want brilliant, big, and bold engagement rings that reflects their personality. Keeney and Ritani's market research found that "She's after maximum sparkle, and she wants [the ring] to be a reflection of her personality, and be unique amongst her friends." So why don't you give her exactly that? 


1. Brilliance and Sparkle

If it is brilliance and sparkle that she wants, then why not give her the most brilliant gemstone in the world - Moissanite. Based on the brilliance refractive index, Moissanite out-sparkles Diamond and all other gemstones known to men! Well this this is because Moissanite was really born from the stars, discovered from meteorites while the rest are just mined from the earth. 


Moissanite versus Diamond

2. Big and Bold

Everyone wants to feel and look like a million dollars. Moissanite is the solution. Now you can give her an engagement ring with a big and bold centerstone that screams she is already taken and is yours - without compromising finances for your wedding and future together. It is a dream come true! 

 Moissanite versus diamond price manila Philippines


3. Unique and reflection of her personality

With Moissanite, the choices for her engagement ring centerstone is endless. Why settle for the classic round cut if she can have a marquise, heart or rose cut? Fancy cuts are more available for Moissanite than in other gemstones. This just gives her engagement ring more personality that exemplifies how she is like no other. 

 Moissanite Shapes and Cuts for Engagement rings manila Philippines


But not all Moissanite are the same. Here at Lucce we only offer the best Moissanite in the world! We only use top quality Moissanite from Charles and Colvard (Forever ONE) and Moissanite International (SUPERNOVA). We are proud partners of these companies, and they share in our mission of bringing the best Moissanite engagement rings and fine jewellery for everyone (especially the Filipinos) to enjoy. 

 Charles and Colvard Forever One Moissanite Philippines