Our Payment Options

Lucce offers these safe and secure payment options to meet our customers’ needs. You may choose any of these payment methods upon check out.

Pay by Credit Card (50% Down Payment or Full Payment)

We accept credit card payments via PayMongo or PayPal Express. As our privacy policy, all customer information are kept private and credit card details are not saved.

You may pay using a desktop or laptop in case you cannot pay through your mobile browser.


Pay by Bank Deposit (50% Down Payment or Full Payment)

Customers can choose to pay by bank deposit (BPI / BDO / Security Bank). Bank details and instructions are provided at the end of the check out process. 


Installment (Zero Percent Interest) Thru BDO Credit Card

You may choose to pay in installment using any BDO Credit Card. You can select the duration of the installment. We have 3 months or 6 months installment at zero percent interest.

Option 1. 3 Months 0% interest: We will send a special link via BDO Checkout for you to complete the order. 

Option 2. 6 Months 0% interest: We have to tap / swipe your credit card in our POS. You may set an appointment with us here


Pay via PayPal

PayPal account holders can choose this payment option. Paypal Express can also be used by Amex, Discovery, Visa and Mastercard credit card holders.



Lucce Payment Methods