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Why Moissanite?

6 Incredible Facts about Moissanite that You should Know

Moissanite Engagement
What makes Moissanite the queen of all gemstones? Here are 6 incredible facts that you need to know about the most beautiful jewel in the world!

Discover Moissanite: The Engagement Ring Gemstone Millennials are Raving About

Moissanite Engagement Ring Wedding Rings Manila Philippines Jewelry
The Moissanite engagement ring is the modern alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring, with a combination of beauty and affordability that can’t be matched. In fact, these lovely, shimmering rings have become the darlings of the millennial set.

4 C's of Moissanite : Cut, Color, Character, and Conscience

Moissanite Engagement Ring Wedding Rings Manila Philippines Diamond Alternative Jewelry
There are a lot of traits that make Moissanite unique. It is a truly one of a kind gemstone. Unlike the traditional 4 C's (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat) that is used for diamonds, Moissanite has its own set of 4 C's!

Mirror on the Wall: Moissanite is the Rarest of Them All

Moissanite Engagement Rings Wedding Ring Manila Philippines Charles and Colvard Forever One
Moissanite is the rarest gemstone in the world - more rare than Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, and all other minerals that are used for fine jewelry. You can find naturally occurring Moissanite in the surface of the earth but in extremely tiny quantities. Because it is so rare, it originally can't be used in jewelry for a lot of people to enjoy.   

Cost Benefits of Moissanite That You Need To Know

Engagement Rings Wedding Rings Manila Philippines
It really is possible to have the luxurious engagement ring of your choice at an affordable price point. The ring you want while saving thousands? A truly brilliant choice!

Why Moissanite Bridal Trends are Surging in Popularity

Engagement Rings Wedding Rings Philippines
The popularity of Moissanite engagement rings and bridal jewelry surged these past few years. Based on Pinterest’s 2018 Wedding Trends Report, moissanite is one of the hottest wedding trends. In fact, searches for moissanite gems are up 294% on the social media site. 

Millennials and Moissanite: The Perfect Match

Engagement Ring Manila Philippines
The Moissanite engagement ring is the latest alternative to diamond engagement rings, with a combination of beauty and affordability that can’t be matched. In fact, these lovely, shimmering rings have become the darlings of the millennial set.

3 Reasons Why She Should Wear a Conflict-Free Moissanite Engagement Ring

Ethical Conflict Free Eco Friendly Moissanite Engagement Ring
Your Engagement Ring is a symbol of your Love.  Wouldn't it be great if this symbol is conflict free, ethical and socially responsible?  This is how love is supposed to be right? Pure, Good and Mindful.

Why Moissanite Suddenly Became A Popular Choice For Engagement Rings

Moissanite Engagement Rings Philippines Charles and Colvard Forever One Diamond
It isn’t because Moissanite is a newly discovered gem, but Moissanite simply couldn’t become popular until recent years, due to its extreme rarity. They do not occur naturally on Earth and can only be found in meteorites!

Why women love Moissanite and how Moissanite loves them back

Engagement Ring Manila Philippines
When you buy an engagement ring, you’re looking for the perfect ring – one that not only shines brighter and delivers the greatest wow factor for your partner, but gives you the most value for your money. We rounded the top 4 reasons why our women customers love Moissanite

Moissanite is a Woman's lover...

Moissanite is a Woman's lover
If Diamond is a girls best friend, then Moissanite is her lover! Here is why: Moissanite is a magical gemstone from meteorites that’s environmentally friendly, socially responsible, more beautiful than diamonds, but costs dramatically less.

Top Branded vs. Unbranded Moissanite: What is the difference?

Supernova Moisante Engagement Ring Manila Philippines
You want to give the best to the love of your life. We understand that, and that is why here at Lucce we only offer the best Moissanite in the world! We only use top quality Moissanite from Charles and Colvard (Forever ONE) and Moissanite International (SUPERNOVA). We are proud partners of these companies, and they share in our mission of bringing the best Moissanite engagement rings and fine jewellery for everyone (especially the Filipinos) to enjoy.