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About Us

Our Story 


lucce engagement ring philippines about us

I decided to marry Christine in 2013. Of course, what is a marriage proposal without an engagement ring to show for it? As old wise men say, an engagement ring is one of the most important purchases a man will ever make since your spouse will wear it everyday for the rest of her life. So I gave my best effort to find the perfect engagement ring for Christine. This led me to allsorts of challenges. I had trouble picking the right engagement ring because I had to go to different jewelry stores leading to too many choices while I had no idea of the design that she will love. Christine is an artist by heart and she knows design so I didn’t want to give a ring that wouldn’t fit her liking.

Christine and I founded Lucce in hopes of helping men like me to pick the perfect engagement ring that will match the unique character of their partners. It is our goal to make the process of choosing the right ring simple, easy and fast. Through strong market research, we found out that women love rings that have maximum sparkle, a reflection of her personality, and unique amongst her friends.

This is why here in Lucce, we believe that she is all about brilliance and a ring that defines. We focus on creating One-of-a-kind Moissanite Engagement Rings for One-of-a-kind Women®.

Michael Dominic, Co-founder

Why Lucce? 

An engagement ring is more than just a symbol of love. It gives the woman pride, confidence and security. We acknowledge that you want to give the perfect engagement ring to your partner and that is why we are dedicated in helping you do so. We discovered that women love rings that have maximum sparkle and that also reflect their unique personality.  As such, we focus on creating One-of-a-kind Moissanite Engagement Rings for One-of-a-kind Women®. Each ring in our collection is crafted to reflect a certain unique personality and we only use the world's most brilliant gem as center stones - Moissanite. By choosing Lucce, you are letting her know that she is cherished forever and that you will only give the best to her for the rest of your life. Find out what is it about our rings and advocacy that make us the perfect choice.


Why Moissanite?

We use Moissanite in our rings because it is the most beautiful jewel in the world, having higher brilliance, fire and lustre than any other jewel. It is also free of mining conflict and won’t hurt the environment. 

Moissanites will last forever and its seductive beauty and exceptional value make it ideal for fine jewellery. It came from a very rare and scarce mineral born from the stars that was originally discovered in 1893 in a meteorite strike in Arizona. Moissanites have gained popularity in the US, Europe and Australia as center stones for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. To get educated about Moissanite, please visit our page on everything about Moissanite


International Partnerships 

Lucce is the official partner of Moissanite International and Charles & Colvard in the Philippines.  Each ring that is crafted by Lucce only uses SUPERNOVA Moissanite or Forever ONE Moissanite as the centerstone. We are proud partners of these companies, and they share in our mission of bringing the best Moissanite engagement rings and fine jewellery for everyone to enjoy. Find out why our Moissanite is the best in the world here. 


Moissanite Engagement Ring Philippines




Our Social Responsibility :  Save Lives and the Environment

We are against conflict and unethical mining. This is why we’ve also made it our mission to share the beauty and brilliance of moissanite engagement rings with the world. We believe that using Moissanite will help create new standards within the fine jewelry industry that will ultimately lessen conflict mining. 

Join us in our mission and be part of the Lucce family!

Lucce Rings Our Advocacy