Hearts & Arrows vs Round Brilliant vs Stellar Moissanite Cut

A gemstone's cut is one of its most important characteristics – it affects the brilliance and sparkle you see when your moissanite catches the light. The cut can entirely change the way a ring looks on someone’s hand.  The big question now is, what is the difference between the Hearts & Arrows and Round Brilliant cut? 


Hearts & Arrows Cut from Charles & Colvard: 

The Hearts & Arrows (H&A) cut was discovered accidentally in the 1980's in Japan where Kinsaku Yamashita noticed the hearts & arrows pattern in a gemstone. About a decade later, the cut made its way to the United States where people embraced the method of cutting as a favorite in the world of diamonds and gemstones. The H&A cut has 58 facets that are precisely cut in order to produce 8 arrows seen through the crown (top) of the gemstone when viewed under specific lighting conditions. When viewed from the pavilion (bottom) of the gemstone, 8 perfectly proportional hearts appear. Through a gemstone viewer, a Hearts & Arrows cut moissanite looks like this:

Forever One Hearts and Arrows Charles and Colvard Moissanite Philippines

The Hearts & Arrows cut is a marker of a well-cut Moissanite and a look we are all very familiar with. The basic shapes of hearts & arrows have associations of love, romance, and Cupid's arrows. After all, love is perfect symmetry and this cut showcases it.


Round Brilliant Cut from Charles & Colvard: 

We all know that Moissanite has a higher refractive index or brilliance than diamonds. The round brilliant cut Forever ONE from Charles & Colvard was developed to maximize Moissanite's brilliance and its unique fire. This cut has a more modern look than the Hearts & Arrows cut. 


SUPERNOVA Stellar Cut from Moissanite International: 

The SUPERNOVA was also developed specifically to maximize the brilliance of Moissanite but with less double refraction or "disco ball" effect. Moissanite International call it the Stellar cut. When viewed with the naked eye through the crown (top), it looks very similar to the Hearts & Arrows from Charles & Colvard. The SUPERNOVA is almost like a great marriage between the H&A and Round Brilliant cut from Charles & Colvard. Optimal sparkle, but a more diamond-like faceting pattern. 

SUPERNOVA Moissanite Philippines


Here is a video of SUPERNOVA Moissanite showcasing its unique Stellar Cut:



Just let us know what you want and we got you covered. Lucce is the official partner of Charles and Colvard and Moissanite International here in the Philippines. You can set an appointment with us to consult and see the different Moissanite cuts personally. :)