Ring Resizing

Resizing your ring will depend on the intricacy of its design. In general, we can resize your Gold or Platinum ring 1-2 size larger or smaller. Yes you read it right, we can also resize Platinum rings (thanks to our expert craftsmen).

Some very detailed ring designs cannot withstand resizing of more than 1 size without compromising the structural integrity of the ring and potentially causing long term maintenance issues. For instance, Solitaire ring designs are relatively easier to resize compared to Pavé designs because the ring band has accent stones. You may get in touch with us if you have specific questions about your desired design and possible resizing.

Not everyone wears an even size, and many even wear half sizes such as 4.5, etc. Since we finish your rings one at a time with care, we would love an opportunity to get it right the first time! If you are unsure of the correct ring size, we highly recommend you request for our free ring sizer here. We can send your free ring sizer anywhere in the country. 

Do not worry if you ordered a ring with a slightly wrong size. Please reach out to us about your resizing needs and we will surely help and guide you with it.