Embrace Eternal Love with Ocean™ Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

blue lab diamond engagement rings

The vast and endless blue of the sea mirrors the depth and permanence of love. Lucce proudly announces the Ocean™ Collection, with blue lab-grown diamond engagement rings embodying the promise of a love that endures like ever-flowing waters.

Here, we will discuss diamond 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat), meaningful symbolism, and thoughtfully designed settings for those seeking a truly unique and meaningful blue diamond engagement ring.

4Cs of Ocean™ Blue Lab-Grown Diamonds

Understanding blue diamond 4Cs is key to finding the perfect hue representing the depth of your love. Lucce Ocean™ blue diamonds are carefully handpicked with the highest standards:

Color: Vivid Blue to Fancy Vivid Blue
Cut: Maximizes Color Intensity
Clarity: VS1 to IF
Polish: Very Good to Excellent
Symmetry: Very Good to Excellent


blue lab diamond engagement ring
Lara Halo Ocean™ with a 1.20ct Fancy Vivid Blue VVS2 Pear Cut Blue Lab Diamond in Platinum

Why Choose a Rare Blue Diamond Engagement Ring?

Blue diamonds are a true rarity in the world of gemstones, accounting for 0.02% of all the world's diamonds. Their captivating color has imbued blue diamonds with powerful symbolism throughout history: Eternity and Loyalty.

The unwavering blue hue of an Ocean™ blue diamond evokes the vast and endless depths of the ocean, symbolizing everlasting love, commitment, and loyalty. The inherent rarity of blue diamonds represents a promise that is one of its kind. A blue diamond ring signifies sophistication and refined taste, making it a coveted symbol of luxury and success.

Knowing Your Blue Diamond Certifications

All Lucce Ocean™ blue lab-grown diamonds come with certification from world-renowned laboratories—Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or International Gemological Institute (IGI). This certificate verifies your blue lab diamond'sauthenticity, color intensity, provenance, and other essential features. Choosing a third-party certified blue diamond allows you to choose a blue diamond ring deserving to represent your love.

blue lab diamond engagement ring

Paula Ocean™ with a 1.51ct Fancy Vivid Blue VVS2 Cushion Cut Blue Lab Diamond in Platinum

Lucce: Your Partner in Breathtaking Blue Lab Diamond Rings

We understand the significance of choosing a gemstone that speaks to the depths of your heart. Our team of jewelry consultants is committed to guiding you through the world of blue lab diamonds, helping you find a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your love story.

  • Private Consultations: Schedule a personalized appointment with our team to discuss your vision for an unforgettable proposal. They will educate you on the nuances of blue lab diamonds, explore your engagement ring preferences, and assist you in selecting a breathtaking gemstone and setting that suits your love.
  • Exceptional Quality: We handpick our blue lab-grown diamonds according to the highest ethical and quality standards. Each gemstone undergoes a meticulous selection process, ensuring exceptional color, cut, clarity, and brilliance that is sure to make a bold statement of your commitment.
  • Lifetime of Service: Because a blue diamond symbolizes your everlasting love, we offer complimentary cleaning services for all Lucce-crafted blue lab diamond pieces. This commitment ensures your precious gemstone radiates as deeply as your love story.

Spectrum of Ocean™ Blue: The Nuances of Color

While blue diamonds come in a range of hues—from faint to vivid—the Lucce Ocean™ collection captures the most captivating colors, possessing extraordinary beauty in a radiant ocean blue:

  • Fancy Vivid Blue: This is the most coveted and valuable color grade, boasting a vibrant, saturated blue color with exceptional depth and brilliance.
  • Fancy Intense Blue: This category showcases a cerulean shade, offering exceptional depth and shine.
  • Fancy Blue: These diamonds possess a softer blue, bringing peace and serenity in the lifetime symbol of your love.
blue lab diamond engagement ring

Rivera Band Ocean™ 9-Stone with a 0.99ctw Lavish™ and Blue Lab Diamonds in Platinum

Ocean™ Blue Diamond Cut: Maximizing Color Intensity

Beyond a captivating color, a blue diamond's cut maximizes its brilliance and beauty. Unlike white diamonds where brilliance takes center stage, blue diamonds are valued for their depth of color. A well-cut blue diamond will exhibit exceptional light dispersion, allowing the blue hues to dance and play within the stone. Lucce prioritizes blue lab diamonds with cuts specifically designed to showcase the inherent color intensity of each gemstone, ensuring your chosen gemstone comes alive with mesmerizing brilliance.

Ocean™ Blue Diamond Clarity: VS1 to IF

Clarity remains an essential factor in a blue diamond's value, as inclusions may detract from your gemstone'sexceptional waves of color. Lucce's Ocean™ blue diamonds come in Very Slightly Included (VS1) to Internally Flawless (IF) range for optimal beauty. These lab-grown diamonds are eye-clean, letting the depths of blue shine its brightest. Our team meticulously evaluates each blue lab diamond, ensuring any inclusions present are minimal, if any, and do not compromise the gemstone's exceptional beauty.

blue lab diamond engagement ring

Lara Halo Ocean™ with a 1.20ct Fancy Vivid Blue VVS2 Pear Cut Blue Lab Diamond in Platinum

Ocean™ Blue Diamond Carat Weight

Carat weight plays a significant role in the overall size and value of a blue diamond. Due to their rarity, larger-carat weight blue diamonds become exponentially more valuable. However, when choosing the perfect blue diamond for your engagement ring, prioritize quality over carat weight. Lucce's curated selection of Ocean™ blue diamonds in various carat weights ensures you find a breathtaking gemstone that aligns with your vision for your proposal.

How are Blue Lab Diamonds Made?

Blue diamonds' captivating color is attributed to traces of boron, absorbing other wavelengths of light and allowing only the blue hues to pass through. According to the GIA, "the more boron, the deeper the blue." Generally, they "have a slight hint of gray, so they’re rarely as highly saturated as blue sapphires." This trait makes the most prized blue diamonds boast a vibrant and saturated blue color, adding depth and complexity to the brilliant symbol of your love.

blue lab diamond engagement ring

Paula Ocean™ with a 1.51ct Fancy Vivid Blue VVS2 Cushion Cut Blue Lab Diamond in Platinum

Timeless Treasure: Owning a Piece of Blue Diamond History

Choosing a blue lab diamond ring means more than having a beautiful gemstone; it is about cherishing a fragment of nature and a symbol of enduring love in one masterpiece. These rare and captivating gems represent a deep commitment to love, a celebration of uniqueness, and a connection to something extraordinary.

For centuries, blue diamonds have captivated royalty and celebrities alike. The Hope Diamond, arguably the world'smost famous blue diamond, boasts a rich history steeped in legend and mystery. This 45-carat beauty is now displayedin the US National Museum of Natural History.

Beyond the Mine: Where Your Blue Lab Diamond Came From

Lucce offers an exquisite collection of ethically sourced blue diamonds designed to showcase your one-of-a-kind love.We ensure that every blue diamond piece in our collection aligns with our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing practices. Choosing an eco-brilliant sparkle is a vote to a lush future filled with vast oceans and seas as vivid as an Ocean™ Collection forever piece.

blue lab diamond engagement ring

Rivera Band Ocean™ 9-Stone with a 0.99ctw Lavish™ and Blue Lab Diamonds in Platinum

Explore the Enchantment of Blue Diamonds

Owning a blue diamond is a privilege, and Lucce is committed to making the experience exceptional. Explore our collection, seek guidance from our experts, and discover the breathtaking beauty of a blue diamond that captures the essence of your love story.