Gold Engagement Rings

Gold engagement rings have long held a special place in our hearts. At Lucce, we elevate this cherished symbol, crafting gold engagement rings that radiate the enduring promise of love.

Explore our captivating collections and discover a gold engagement ring that tells your unique love story.

A Symphony of Gold Engagement Ring Styles for Every Love Story

From the timeless elegance of classic solitaire settings to the intricate beauty of our modern signature designs, our collections offer gold engagement rings for every love story.

Love that Endures, Reflected in Gold Rings

Gold engagement rings, like heirlooms passed down through generations, become tangible reminders of love's enduring journey.

Warmth of Yellow Gold, Elegance of White Gold, Uniqueness of Rose Gold

Embrace the classic charm of yellow gold - its warm hue mirroring the golden shores of beaches and the sun-kissed glow of love.

Opt for the modern sophistication of white gold - its cool brilliance complementing the sparkle of diamonds and echoing the moonlit shimmer of romantic nights.

Indulge in the romantic touch of rose gold - its delicate blush reflecting the gentle hues of a sunrise and the tender emotions of your love.

Gold Karat for Engagement Rings

14K - your best bet for jewelry that you'll wear day in and out—an Engagement Ring, Wedding Band, or maybe a classic necklace you never want to take off. It is also the perfect choice for men and women with active lifestyles. Its scratch-resistant property gives it the perfect balance between durability and purity.

18K - when looking for one-of-a-kind pieces for life's momentous events—unique jewelry for special occasions. Since it contains more gold, it's more susceptible to scruffs and scratches, requiring extra care when worn. This alloy is also your best bet if you're prone to allergies when in contact with metals like nickel.