I'm a Millenial, and I Choose Moissanite - Another Brilliant Story

In this blog post, we feature the story of "Millenial Boss" and how she chose Moissanite with her partner. You can check out the full narration of her story here.  

"My fiancé and I can afford a diamond and yet we are choosing moissanite for our engagement ring. Moissanite is a choice. It's not settling at all. In my mind, everyone choosing a diamond is settling by not questioning the propaganda that has pressured them for years into thinking that a diamond is what they “deserve.” 

Moissanite is a choice. It's not settling at all

Engagement Ring

So do i regret not getting a diamond? 

Absolutely not. My ring is gorgeous and I get compliments on it all the time. Some people have pointed out how sparkly it is, which they then attribute to the cut. I know the stone looks extra sparkly because it’s moissanite and not a diamond!

Plus, my fiancé picked out the ring himself. It is so special to me that he spent the time choosing the ring and that it was a complete surprise. I had no idea that he was going to propose that night and I absolutely loved the ring he picked out!

We know we’re not alone... Sales for moissanite are up year over year. It seems that more and more couples are making the decision to choose an alternative stone. This is definitely one of the better (and conflict-free) ways to spend money."