Why a Moissanite engagement ring set is better than a Diamond engagement ring!

You know what’s better than a Diamond ring? A Moissanite Engagement Ring Set! A diamond ring will surely be expensive and yet it’s not even the most beautiful jewel in the world. By choosing a Moissanite engagement ring set, not only are you getting the most beautiful jewel, but you are also making a very smart purchase. Compared to diamonds, Moissanites are currently more affordable making it the best bang for your buck. For less than the price of a 1-carat DEF diamond ring, you can get an equivalent Moissanite ring with a matching band and earrings. Doesn’t that give the best value for your purchase?

However, since Moissanites are now hailed as the most beautiful jewel in the world, it’s affordable price will not really last a very long time. Just like what happened to diamonds, Moissanites are expected to increase in price in the very near future because of its superior optical properties compared to any other jewel known to man. Well, it makes sense since Moissanites originally came from meteorites!



So the best time to purchase a Moissanite engagement set is now! If your wedding proposal or wedding is near then this is the perfect time to invest on Moissanite fine jewellery. This could be one of the only few chances that your woman would have exquisite fine jewelry without you needing to drain the bank. You have this rare opportunity to make her shine like no other– so please don’t miss out on it.

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