Top 5 Things Not to Forget When Planning a Proposal

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Whether you’re college sweethearts, met through a common friend, or actually managed to meet in some hang-out place, somehow you found love—and it’s time to make it forever! 

Yes, yes, planning a marriage proposal is a major undertaking (I get it, ring shopping and memorizing that speech!), so I rounded up 5 things you should not forget to do before you get down on one knee.


1. Photo or Video Setup

Capture that moment and make it part of your memories vault! The marriage proposal is considered a milestone in a couple’s story. Don’t forget to have photos or video of this once in a lifetime event. Believe me, you will appreciate reminiscing this moment again and again and again as the both of you advance in your journey as a couple. Plus, the photos or videos can also be used for your grand announcement in social media and also as part of your wedding day program. So why not?


2. Beauty

Women love to look beautiful in photos or videos of milestone events such as your proposal! So please, device a strategy to get her to fix up and wear something nice before you pop that big question (unless of course if you propose on a mountain or during an extreme adventure trip). Imagine this as one of her best moments. Remember you would go back to your proposal photos and videos in the future so you guys should better look okay at the very least right?

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3. Place

The place where you propose is very important. Do some research on what kind of wedding proposal does you partner like. Is she inclined to a more intimate kind of proposal? Or would she want her closest friends, family members to be there and join in the celebration? Does she love the outdoors? Or is she more of an indoor person? Whatever it is, make sure that your chosen place will reflect her preference.  You don’t want to overwhelm her with a flash mob out in the open when all she wants is an intimate kind of marriage proposal where only the both of you are there! 

Engagement Ring Proposal Ring Wedding Rings Manila Philippines


4. Keeping it a secret before the actual event

This is where guys often fail – keeping the marriage proposal as a surprise! I understand that you would need help from friends and the like. But please make sure that your partner won’t have a hint of your plan. Surprising her with the big question is part of making the moment memorable and enchanting! You don’t want to spoil the fun part.


 5. Words to say (your speech)

Planning and practicing the things to say during the moment is really crucial. A proposal is not a proposal without that big question! We know that you are anxious but do not worry - here are some tips on what to say when you propose. Our best advice is to make your message simple, sweet and short. So remember to rehearse and of course don’t forget that engagement ring!

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