Top 10 Unique Engagement Ring Designs for your Future Bride

Engagement ring Wedding rings gold jewelry moissanite lab grown diamond manila philippinesTop 10 Unique Engagement Ring Designs for your Future Bride

Proposing to your special one only happens once in a lifetime, so of course, you want to make it special and one-of-a-kind. Who doesn't? Of course, you can't have a proposal without the engagement ring– and since she'll be wearing this forever, you want to make sure that you give her the best.

Like most of our clients, you might be having difficulty in deciding which design would "wow" your partner on your special day. To help you out, here are some of our award-winning & UNIQUE engagement rings, which you can get here in the Philippines:

1. Fiore Ring (Round Cut)

Fiore Moissanite Round Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Philippines

Fiore Ring - 1.90 ct Forever ONE with Lab Diamond Accents

This engagement ring represents your love in full bloom with its hidden petal and brilliantly intertwined vines. Like a flower blooming in eternal spring, it is designed for the woman with a heart for nature and made to symbolize a love that thrives and blossoms.


2. Danielle Ring (Oval Cut)

Danielle Ring Moissanite Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Philippines

Danielle Ring - 3.11 ct SUPERNOVA Moissanite 

This contemporary style portrays her individuality at best through the unique elegant accents on both sides of the band. The lovely oval cut centers her love for the classic and aesthetic but also characterizes her artistry through its one-of-a-kind hidden halo. She embodies all that is fresh, elegant, different and amazing.


3. Christine Ring (Round Cut)

Christine Round Moissanite Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Philippines

Christine Ring - 2.65 ct SUPERNOVA Moissanite

For the woman that is wise, eco-conscious and ethical with a brilliance and beauty that defies years. With marquise cut leaves separated by round cut dew drops, the modern petal with milgrain accents, crowns the brilliant center stone for the woman who truly has a heart for nature. She is the queen of nature and all things good.

4. Catherine Ring (Emerald Cut)

Catherine Emerald Moissanite Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Philippines

Catherine Ring - 4 ct SUPERNOVA Moissanite

She is a vision for all that is honest and pure. This 5-stone harmony of the main emerald cut with straight and tapered baguette cuts draws the eye to see the absolute clarity of these stones. As these facets resemble mirrors, these reflect the immense depth of her beautiful soul. She is always sincere and true.

5. Sarah Ring (Cushion Cut)

Sarah Ring Moissanite Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Philippines

Sarah Ring - 1.70ct Cushion Forever ONE with Lab Diamond Accents

This double-claw prongs accentuates the beautiful curved corners for this cushion cut center stone. Her soft-heartedness is reflected in the soft look of this stone while her brilliance is seen in the numerous facets allowing her to sparkle more. As you get to know her deeply, you will see that she is graced with a hidden crown that she has always carried.

6. Mia Ring (Pear Cut)

Mia Ring Moissanite Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Philippines

Mia Ring - 1.50 ct Pear Cut SUPERNOVA Moissanite 

Designed as a declaration of your love, this 3-stone ring symbolizes now, forever and always with brilliant pear-shaped stones to accent the center pear cut stone in a romantically tapered band as acceptance, understanding and appreciation is central in your relationship.


7. Talia Ring (Marquise Cut)

Talia Ring Moissanite Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Philippines

Talia Marquise - 1.40ct SUPERNOVA Moissanite with Lab Diamond Accents

This elegant ring that features a low basket setting with side stones spaced like the stars allows the adventurous woman to be confident in wearing her ring while looking glamorous everywhere she goes.

8. Sapienza Pave Ring (Radiant Cut)

Sapienza Radiant Ring Moissanite Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Philippines

Sapienza Pave - 3.50 ct Radiant Cut SUPERNOVA Moissanite

Make your unique, career-driven, and focused woman know that you will love her forever and day with this ageless, classic ring with a radiant cut as the heart of a brilliantly accented band.


9. Alessa Ring (Oval Cut)

Alessa Ring Oval Moissanite Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Philippines

This unique, elegant ring features a dazzling cluster of round and marquise-shaped stones that rest upon the shoulders of the gently tapered band. The center oval cut is held by four claw prongs as it sits upon a slightly open gallery. Perfect for a woman who is like no other.

10. Linea Ring (Asscher)

Linea Ring Asscher Moissanite Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Philippines

Linea Ring - 2.30 ct Asscher cut SUPERNOVA Moissanite 

Let this captivating 3-stone ring represent the past, present and future of your commitment to each other – to love and grow together. As the precious metal gently tapers towards the baguette side stones that brilliantly frames the asscher cut center stone, your eyes will feast on this breathtaking display of intense reflections and movement of light – much like how the woman you love with a modern flair to her personality with movements of a classic soul.