4 Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring Design

Every woman dreams of the day when her boyfriend gets down on one knee, presents her a beautiful engagement ring and pops the question. But how can he be sure he’s got the right ring? Many brides-to-be have very fixed ideas on the style of engagement ring they’d like so her man needs to do his homework before he starts shopping!

Here are some useful tips on choosing the perfect engagement ring design that she will love:

1. Check her existing jewellery to see the colour and type of metal she usually wears. Most women have a strong preference for yellow gold or white gold, very few wear both equally. Make sure that the ring you choose matches her main preference. If she really does wear both colours you could consider a two tone ring.

2. Take a look at the clothes she wears and get an idea of her style and fashion sense. Are her clothes ultra modern and constantly changing with the times? Maybe she wears classic pieces with just a few contemporary accessories? Perhaps she loves to team vintage items with modern basics? The ring you choose should reflect her style if it is going to look good with her wardrobe.

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3. Consider her size and shape when you choose the ring. Is she very slim or does she have a fuller figure? Are her fingers long or short? The team at Lucce would be able to advise you on the shape and cut that will look best on your girlfriend’s hand if you can describe it well. If possible, you could even try to take a photograph of her hand.

4. Think about her lifestyle when you pick the setting of the ring. If she does a lot of manual work, has physical contact with people during her job, or takes part in a lot of sporting activities, a center stone with a high setting might not be practical. Choose a channel set for active girlfriends.

There you have it men! Now go do your homework… And ladies you can always print this off and leave it lying around as a subtle hint for your future fiance. :)