How to Shop for Your Engagement Ring Online

It is an understatement that the pandemic has changed the way we live. We now get groceries delivered, work in the comforts of our homes, and in your case, shop for an engagement ring virtually. Despite this, it is definitely still possible to find the perfect engagement ring without having any compromises. Here's how:

1. Do Your Research Online

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Castela Pavé Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

In this day and age, information is available to virtually anyone through the internet. A couple of Google searches can instantly provide

Your online research will help you find your preferred style and get ideas to make your ring truly one of a kind.

2. Purchase from a Trusted Brand with a Proven Track Record

The number one rule when shopping online? Check for customer reviews! Remember: this engagement ring will serve as the symbol of your lasting love, a reminder of your commitment to each other. Finding brands with positive customer interactions ensures that you only receive the best quality of service along with your engagement ring. 

HERE’s how our clients describe their Lucce experience.

3. Consider a Brand That Offers Lifetime Service and Warranty

Engagement ring Wedding rings gold jewelry moissanite lab diamond manila philippines

Verona Pavé Princess Engagement Ring in White Gold

Same as your devotion, your engagement ring should also last for life. So, it follows to look for a brand that offers lifetime service and warranty for your purchase. Think of it as a promise that your engagement ring will stay brilliant through the years to come.

4. Check If the Brand Is Part of the Guild of Philippine Jewellers, Inc. (Or Other Recognized Jewelry Associations in the Country)

Being part of distinguished institutions like the Guild of Philippine Jewellers, Inc. adds to a company's credibility and commitment to providing quality engagement rings to customers.

As a proud member of the Guild, Lucce takes part in creating world-class and eco-conscious jewelry for Filipinos. As a testament to this, we have been recognized through design awards and nominations here and abroad.

5. Schedule a Virtual Appointment

Sometimes, online research can still leave some questions unanswered. This makes virtual consultations invaluable. Speaking with a brand's representative helps you make sound decisions and get expert advice when it comes to your engagement ring purchase.


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