4 Romantic Ways to Propose at Home

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If you were planning a proposal outside of the house during this time, then your elaborate plans may have been spoiled by the Covid-19 situation. We understand the difficulty that this situation caused. But quarantining at home doesn't mean you should push off popping the question. In fact, an at-home proposal doesn't have to sacrifice romance—it can even enhance it!

"What we have seen more of, and I think this can apply to all areas of life right now, is people caring less about the 'showiness' of the proposal, and instead, just being able to experience the moment with their loved one," says Megan Bicklein of The Yes Girls, a team of professional proposal planners.

So go on, and don't let anything hold you back! We prepared 4 Romantic ways that you can do to propose at home:


1. Cook Her Favourite Restaurant Meal

Since you can't dine at her favorite restaurant, you can cook her favorite dish on the menu instead. Craving the cozy Italian spot in the metro? Whip up spaghetti carbonara or pesto and pour a glass of wine. Missing the authentic Filipino spot across town? Make her flavorful homemade Filipino dishes to enjoy.

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2. "Travel" to Her Favourite Destination

Since actual travel isn't an option, do the next best thing! Recreate your favorite destination inside your home by cooking the specific cuisine, playing cultural tunes and decorating a room to fit the aesthetic. If you can't propose in Paris, you might as well bring the City of Love to you!

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3. Play a Slideshow of Memories

Few things are more romantic than reminiscing on your history together. Compile old photos and videos from throughout your relationship and play the slideshow on your TV. Gather your comfiest pillows and blankets to snuggle on the couch and perhaps even light a few candles, too. No movie theater date could ever top this!

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4. Hire a Band to Serenade Her Online

Supporting local businesses is crucial now more than ever. Since you can't go listen to your favorite band at your local bar or grill, hire the group to sing you a few songs via Skype or Zoom. They'll appreciate the business and your partner will be elated by the surprise.


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