Yves and Janine - Proposal Story

Lucce Rings Yves and Janine Proposal Story Engagement Philippines

A proposal with a thrilling experience! Find out how Yves was able to pull-off his proposal after a breathtaking helicopter ride with Janine:

Everyday, I am amazed of how you change for the better bit by bit. Janine, you remind me of God's love! This was a priceless moment, a treasure! I decided to take our relationship to another level that will give glory to God! I'm excited to marry you very soon.

After 6 months of preparation for this surprise, the day has finally arrived. It was morning time, I was both excited and nervous at the same time because of the chance that she may find out what have I been planning before I go down on my knees and pop the question out of the blue. All that she knew that day was that we would only do a simple commercial video advertisement for AirTaxi Philippines. What convinced her more was that it was a bucket list, riding on a helicopter. To her excitement, she even bought a new pair of shoes for that. I’ve brought a few friends of mine to serve as both videographers and photographers, as well as my accomplices and pick us up from the mall. During the ride in the car, she noticed that something was a little off with me being all silent. Sensing her, I suddenly felt the pressure and anxiety flow through my veins yet I had to brush the emotion off so as not to arouse her suspicion.

And so, we arrived at our destination. The gates were opened for us with a sort of VIP treatment.

Seeing all of the parked aircrafts she said, “Ito palang solve na!”

I smirked at her reaction since it was a genuine response of awe. We were then escorted to our holding room... As planned, we had a photoshoot first and then we filmed a video of the whole ride experience.

Lucce Rings Yves and Janine Proposal Story Engagement Philippines

After taking enough photographic shots, we went back to our holding room and one of my accomplices said to me:

“Ser, kung gusto mo magCR dun sa kabila kasi sira raw drainage dyan sa CR.”
Playing along with her statement, I replied, “Sige na-CCR din ako.”

It felt like playing the role of a spy or detective for a short while because that moment gave us a chance to quickly put a lapel mic on my back. Smart idea, right? I then went back to our room and we got to be ready in a few short minutes but, I wasn’t fully prepared yet. I still didn’t have the ring with me which was the most crucial part of the overall plan! I snuck in and had muted conversation with my accomplice:

I made a facial expression communicating to her as, “Nasaan yung ring!?”

She responded the same with a hint of affirmation and replied, “Nasa akin!”

As soon as the pilots arrived, we headed into the helicopter. I went behind Janine, reached out my hand to my friend to pass the ring to me. I thought, “Alas! It is now complete!”

Lucce Rings Yves and Janine Proposal Story Engagement Philippines

We enjoyed much the aerial view of the buildings while the sun was about to set as it brought such a beautiful view and atmosphere to our eyes. Of all the views, there was one view that encapsulated all of those moments; the view where she puts a smile on her face. Seeing her happy face in spite of her first time to fly, she did it just to be with me.

And so, 15 minutes has passed, I figured that now is the time to ask her what I’ve been holding back for a long time. Once we landed and went down from the chopper, I began to tell her how much I appreciated her and what I wanted to do with the rest of my life with her.

So, I popped the question, “Janine, tara na sa habambuhay? Will you marry me?”.

Without hesitation and to her confident answer, even when I hadn’t finished asking the question she said, “Yes!” already. So, I pulled the box out of my back pocket, knelt down, and opened it. Funny thing was, I wasn’t sure if it was either the left or right ring finger as to where to put the ring. (So, a word of advice to all men out there, it is on the left side in case you’re about to propose.) It suits her well. She really loved it and it’s all thanks to her friends’ help on giving hints on what kind of ring she wanted. (Thank God for friends!) She got even more surprised when our family and relatives had a romantic excitement behind and she grabbed and hugged me tight.

Lucce Rings Yves and Janine Proposal Story Engagement Philippines

Lucce Rings Yves and Janine Proposal Story Engagement Philippines

In the back of my mind, I knew that this was all worth it! As soon as everything got revealed, I told her, “You have been set up!” It was all well planned and executed, just as how I imagined it to be.

Lucce Rings Yves and Janine Proposal Story Engagement Philippines

It was even more amazing because, God promised this moment for us even the day we weren’t born. He planned it, executed it, and gave us the joy to be together forever when it was time to tie the knot. After our dinner celebration, all the words I heard from her was an endless, “Thank you!”

I thanked God and I am grateful for these things that had happened. I didn’t deserve all of this for it was all the grace of God. So, to all the singles out there, wait for the right time. Be prepared always as you wait. Grow in God as much as you can, groom yourself, surrender your emotions to God, and save as much as you can. Be prepared spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially. So, when the right time comes, you are ready to build your relationship deeper and stronger that will honor and please God.

Lucce Rings Yves and Janine Proposal Story Engagement Philippines


Yves and Janine would like to thank the following:
Editor: Benjamin Toralba
Editor: Ana Quintans
Video Editor: Nathaniel Pelareja
Videographers: Christine Jenna Rebustillo, Sergie Apilo, Daniel Buhat
Photogpraher: Ana Quintans
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Venue: AirTaxi.ph

 Lucce Rings Yves and Janine Proposal Story Engagement Philippines