Marco and Trish — Proposal Story

 Lucce Marco Trish Proposal Story Engagement Ring Philippines

Marco shares how the delay in his proposal resulted in the best timing of all. Here's how he got her yes:

Trish is based in the US and before she went home last October 2018, I already ordered the ring from Lucce. The day she arrived was the exact day the ring was delivered! So the whole time I was with her, she didn’t know that the ring was just in my bag (I bring my bag everywhere).”



“Fast forward to November 2018, I went to the US with my family for a vacation and decided to do the proposal there. I had plans in my head where, when and how I would propose but because of conflicting schedules of her work and timing, I just winged it. We were already 2 weeks in and I still wasn’t able to get a chance to propose.

So one night I just asked her out on a 'date', and again my plans were ruined -  because out of all the sunny weather days in California, it just had to rain hard on that exact day. But we still pushed through and went shopping, dinner, driving around downtown, etc.

I was trying to bring her to the romantic places with a view but each place I thought of was not ideal that time: Griffith Observatory was already closed, Mulholland Drive Overlook and LACMA lights were not good places to be on during a storm, and even Santa Monica Pier was too cold that night. So we just decided to go home. So I messaged my family that it wasn’t going to happen that night.

Lucce Rings Marco and Trish Proposal Story Engagement Philippines

The next morning, I asked her if she wanted to go to Etiwanda Preserve just so we can take photos. We went and it was still drizzling and cold, so the whole time we were there, Trish was asking me to go before we get sick. I hurriedly looked for a place to set my camera and asked her to take quick pictures, but I already set it on video. While she was posing, I was at the back trying to ready the necklace with a letter R on it and placed it around her neck. I said 'Since you will soon be a Rivera...' she was surprised but jokingly said, 'where’s the ring?!' And I just hugged her.”



After that she thought we were done taking pictures, she started to walk back to the car but I stopped her and when she turned around, I felt like everything went slow motion as I knelt down on one knee and opened the beautiful box with the beautiful ring and asked her 'Trish, will you marry me?'

She stopped and kept asking if I was serious and if it was really happening. She didn’t even want to give me her hand and kept stepping back. I said, “even if it’s raining, even if it’s cold, even if my camera is getting wet, even if my knees are hurting because I’m kneeling on rocks, I don’t care because RIGHT NOW, IS SO FAR, THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!” She still didn’t give her hand because of shock, so I asked her again, and she finally said “Oo na YES!! YES!!”, with the biggest smile on her face.

Lucce Rings Marco and Trish Proposal Story Engagement Philippines

When we got back to the car, she started crying and asked if it was real or if it was just a promise ring. I said it was real and she will soon be Mrs. Rivera, she just lost it and cried. (Of course, I did too)

The whole trip to our scheduled lunch, she was admiring the ring and said it was really beautiful and for sure will be a family heirloom.

Oh and funny thing, our date happened Nov 28. But the unplanned proposal happened Nov 29 which was our 4th year and 4th month together. So when I thought that everything wasn’t going my way, it was the opposite. God really planned it to happen on the 29th.

Like the engraving on the ring, it really was #TwoNineNaPagibig

Lucce Rings Marco and Trish Proposal Story Engagement Philippines

Here's also what Trish got to say about her ring:

“I have been wearing my ring now for almost 2 months and each time I look down, I can’t help but smile and reminisce the time when my fiancé knelt before me and ask the most important question of our lives. The ring was beautifully crafted and I’m not exaggerating if I say I stare at it everyday. I couldn’t ask for more and just thankful on how you guys made my dream ring come to life, and even better than what I imagined it to be. Thank you Lucce  rings for making our dreams come true!!!”


 Lucce Proposal Story Engagement Ring Philippines