Lab Diamond Color Grading | Your IGI Report's 4Cs

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While DEF are consecutive alphabet letters, they mean much more in the Lab Diamond world. These letters correspond to a gemstone's color, which is key to a dazzling glow. Read further below to discover which grade gives you a beautifully classic piece according to your needs.

How Does the IGI Grade Lab Diamond Color?

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Biella Engagement Ring with a 1.50ct E VS1 Excellent Cut Lab Diamond

Here is what the International Gemological Institute's (IGI) website says:

"Diamond color is graded in a standardized viewing environment. IGI gemologists analyze color in the D to Z color range with the diamond placed upside down, viewed through the side, to facilitate a neutral view. Grading color from the top is not practical because of three factors that may influence color appearance in normal viewing:

  • The diamond’s shape
  • The way the diamond was cut
  • The presence of fluorescence

Color is graded using calibrated master color stones. The color grading process involves multiple graders submitting opinions independently, without internal communication or collaboration. The color grade is determined when there are sufficient agreeing opinions."

IGI's Color Grading Scale

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Now that you are familiar with Institute's processes, it is time to take a quick view of the most common color choices available for your premium lab-grown diamond piece.

DEF: Colorless

D, E, and F ratings are the highest possible color grades for lab diamonds. As the title suggests, these marks signify that a gemstone has no color. It looks white, clear, and oh-so-pretty. These are of the best color quality, perfect for a love that gives it all.

GHIJ: Near Colorless

Coming right next are Near Colorless ratings. These lab-grown diamonds showcase a faint yellow hue when compared to DEF gemstones. Viewed from the top, especially G-rated gems, they look just as clear and dazzling as Colorless grades, without the hefty price. This allows for a bigger, head-turning center stone that she'll absolutely adore.

K and Below: Slightly Tinted to Light Yellow

Finally, ratings from K to Z show a faint to an apparent yellow tint in just one glance. These lab diamonds are usually cheaper and are better suited to those who prefer a colored gemstone.

Our Testament to Quality

Where to buy engagement rings gold jewelry moissanite lab grown diamond manila philippines

Alessa Engagement Ring with a 1ct E VS1 Excellent Cut Lab Diamond

Lucce only uses gemstones with an E or G color grade to ensure that you get the best quality for your lab-grown diamond jewellery. A premium quality piece as a representation of your love.

💎 Color: E or G

💎 Clarity: VS1 or better

💎 Cut: Excellent to Ideal

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