5 Clever Ways to Hide Her Engagement Ring

You spent your sweet time finding the perfect ring for her. You chose the most brilliantly cut gemstones, found the most beautiful setting, and even subtly probed whether white, yellow, or rose gold is her favorite. After that, you researched proposal ideas. The planning is almost done, family and friends are on board, and everyone is excited for your special moment.

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Mia Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

We are sure that you would like to keep the proposal a secret until the exact moment comesafter all, you spent so much effort making it a success! So, here are some simple yet clever ideas to keep her engagement ring hidden during the proposal. 

1. Keep It Safe Inside Your Bag

This plan works well when you are traveling or going on a hike for the proposal. When the moment comes to ask for your partner's hand, you only have to swipe the ring box from your bag before delivering your speech that will surely melt her heart.

2. Ask for a Friend or Family Member to Carry It for You

Involving a family member or a close friend always makes proposal planning a whole lot easier. Especially when your secret helper is a girl, she can easily put the ring box inside her purse. Then, once the right moment comes, she will hand over the engagement ring and maybe even document you and your significant other's special moment. 📸

3. Hide It Inside a Lovely Bouquet

Engagement ring Wedding rings gold jewelry moissanite lab diamond manila philippines

It's a given that flowers always make a woman's day brighter. So, why not make it a double surprise by giving her a giant bouquet of her favorite blooms with an unexpected addition? 💐 Aside from her brilliant and beautiful ring, she will also get a sweet reminder of the special memory that you will both share.

4. Put It in Your Jacket or Pants Pocket

This trick is a classic because it's simple yet it works. Just make sure that the pocket is deep and secure enough to keep the engagement ring safe while you wait for the special moment. Before the date, remember to pick out what you will wear for the proposalan important to-do for any proposal. For this idea, we suggest jackets with liners or loose pants like chinos or slacks.

5. Place the Ring Box Inside Another Box

Finally, you can hide the ring box inside a much bigger box! This plan works well when you propose during a special occasion like her birthday, your anniversary, or holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day. Since she's already expecting a present from you, make it an even greater surprise by placing her engagement ring inside the wrapped gift box. 🎁 Just remember to keep it secure and in an upright position so that the ring of her dreams will look bright and brilliant once she finds it.

We know that there are a lot of things that you need to prepare before the proposal. At the end of the day, remember that this is a special moment for you both. Enjoy this beautiful occasion because you will surely look back at it as you spend the rest of your lives together.