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The Emerald Cut Engagement Ring will reign this 2020

What makes emerald cut one of a kind is its distinctive step cuts which plays with light and creates hall of mirror effect. This shape features a rectangular profile with beveled corners, along with a large table that provides a view of the facets beneath while creating the illusion of greater size. The exquisite long facets and short corners showcase dramatic flashes of light and highlight the smooth luster and pristine clarity of the Moissanite stone. 

Emerald cuts exude elegance and refinement. The elongated shape and step-cut faceting is great for someone on the more understated side. This cut suits a woman with a vintage flare — a woman who is bold, strong and marches to her own drum.

 Emerald cut Engagement Ring Philippines

There is not wonder that the Emerald Cut has been growing in popularity all across the world! According to StlyeCaster, “Emerald-cut centerstones have been growing in popularity over the last two years, but in 2020 we expect them to reign in popularity. Brides are moving away from the traditional round diamond to larger-looking fancy shapes like ovals, emeralds, and radiants. But emeralds specifically are rising to the top. Boasting long clean lines with dramatic flashes of light, the Emerald cut is known for its subtle sophistication, and feels equal parts chic and modern.”

Here are some emerald cut engagement rings for your inspiration. Take a look!


 Emerald cut engagement ring Philippines

 Emerald cut engagement ring Philippines

Emerald cut engagement ring Philippines