Road To Her "Yes"

  • Ring Cuts 101 - Your Complete Guide

    Which Ring Cut is the ONE for you? Find out in our complete guide!
  • #LoveSows - June Updates

    This 2021, we also started another initiative we call #LoveSows, where we devote to plant a tree for every Moissanite fine jewellery piece that is sold, through our reforestation partner, One Tree Planted. 🌱

    Great news! This June, we planted 44 new plants here in the Philippines! Thank you to all our dearest customers for partnering with us as well!  As you choose an ethical, environment friendly and socially responsible engagement ring to be the symbol of your love - we can help better the world together. Make your brilliant piece birth a plant of hope today. 💚🌳🍃


  • Ring Cuts 101 - The Radiant Cut

    Highly preferred by career-driven and focused women, the brilliant faceting and rectangular shape of the Radiant cut is great for those who love a lot of sparkle and flash! This cut is prefect for the woman who is both unique and charming, the lady with flare and pride. 💍
  • Ring Cuts 101 - The Princess Cut

    If you're looking for maximum sparkle in a modern design, this is the ring cut for you. Its beauty is defined by exceptional fire and scintillation
  • Ring Cuts 101 - The Asscher Cut

    Experts often refer to the shine and sparkle of an Asscher cut Moissanite as an endless hallway with reflective mirrors.
  • Ring Cuts 101 - Marquise Cut

    The Marquise cut is the ultimate cut for elegance. Its oval shape meets in pointed ends, resembling the hull of a ship — also known as the Navette cut ("little boat" in French). 💎⁣ ⁣
  • Ring Cuts 101 - The Cushion Cut

    This cut is suited for the woman who sees elegance as a given and tradition as a vital part of her personality. Someone who isn't afraid to embrace both the past and future with both hands. 💍
  • Ring Cuts 101 - The Pear Cut

    A bold mix between the Round and Marquise shapes, the Pear cut is very stylish and gives an extraordinary display of light. 💎
  • Ring Cuts 101 - The Emerald Cut

    Emerald cuts exude elegance and refinement. It is sought after for its understated glamour and eye-catching depth. This shape features a rectangular profile with beveled corners, along with a large table that provides a view of the facets beneath while creating the illusion of greater size.
  • Ring Cuts 101 - The Oval Cut

    Oval Moissanites can offer the sparkle of a round cut in a dazzling silhouette. This brilliant cut features shimmering facets that make the light dance and create the illusion of longer fingers!
  • Ring Cuts 101 - The Round Cut

    Perfect for the Woman who loves Elegance, Simplicity, and Tradition - The Round Cut is the most classic and popular among the different cuts due to its breathtaking sparkle.

  • Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring - What's the Difference?

    Whether you're adding an eternity band set with pavé moissanites or a plain metal band, a wedding ring and engagement ring pairing is a timeless and beautiful look. And a recent trend that shows no sign of waning is building a ring stack of three (or more!) bands, often with mixed metals and styles.