Why Women Are Now Seeking Moissanite Engagement Rings

Being in the fine jewellery space gives me the opportunity to understand what consumers are looking for. It is interesting to find out that more and more women are seeking Moissanite engagement rings! Here are some quick facts why:

1. Women want big, bold and beautiful gemstones in their jewellery.

2. Consumers are seeking socially responsible jewels in high quality and with incredible value.

3.  Consumers want jewellery to last, Moissanite jewellery will last for generations with proper care.

4. By wearing Moissanite jewellery, consumers receive lots of compliments.

5. Consumers are looking for value in their jewellery.

6. Consumers are more educated and accepting created jewels because of its beauty.

7.  Colourless Moissanite as center stone matches perfectly with moissanite settings and diamond settings. The introduction of colourless Moissanite has given consumers endless opportunities to design what they want.

8.  Consumers want jewellery that they can enjoy and can be worn every day.

There you go! Some quick facts about the current fine jewellery space. Don’t get outdated and upgrade your fine jewellery now. If you are interested to know more about Moissanite fine jewellery that both men and women are raving about, send us an email at info@luccerings.com or click here. :)




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