Why I Told My Fiancé, Now Husband, To Go With Moissanite - And I'm so Happy I Did!

More and more women are enchanted with Moissanite Engagement Rings. Here is another testimony by PixelPony! Here are her 6 reasons why she chose Moissanite and how happy she is with her decision:

1. I wanted a high quality elaborate setting. Most diamond jewelers pushed us to spend the majority of our budget on the stone and skimp on the setting.

Moissanite Engagement Ring Happy Satisfied


2. I couldn't justify spending thousands and then having my heart stop if I happen to drop my ring on the tile bathroom floor or if the cat decides to use it as a hockey puck down the floor vent or god-forbid some one were to steal it. Edit: My heart still stops every time I even bump my engagement ring... but it's not for fear of what it cost; it's because it's so darn gorgeous I don't want to ever hurt it. I'm very clumsy and hard on my jewelry and I have yet to scratch or ding any of my moissanite. From my 6 year old pieces to my wedding set. All the stones are as gorgeous as the day I got them.

3. I still wanted a colorless diamond-like gem with great sparkle that wouldn't become cloudy or scratched up. Moissanite fits that. Cubic Zirconia doesn't. Other colorless gemstones, like white sapphire, lacked the fire and sparkle. Moissanite has more than even diamond.

4. I own other moissanite pieces, love them and get compliments on them. And yes, people assume they are diamonds unless I tell them otherwise. Sometimes I do and sometimes I just smile at their presumptuousness. Moissanite isn't well known where I live, which is probably why so many are fooled into thinking it is a diamond.

5. I don't put a whole lot of stock into what others think about my engagement and wedding rings. I love them and my husband is proud of them, and that's what matters most. 

However, there are people that turned their noses up, or rather looked down on us after we told them the ring they were just admiring isn't actually a diamond. My husband, who took awhile to convince, now looks at this kind of turn about reaction as a way these people justify their own preconceived notions on diamonds, especially the ones that have plunked down quite a bit more cash for rings not nearly as impressive. After all, he felt that way once too.

6. We've been to Jamaica twice on the money that would have been tied up on my wedding set if we purchased it in diamond.