Why Do Men Propose With an Engagement Ring?

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Cheers for finding the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with! Now it’s time to pick an engagement ring, get down on one knee and pop the big question. That’s the next step right? Well, yes that is the norm, but why?

Actually, the tradition of proposing with an engagement ring dated back to the ancient Egyptians. They believed that circular rings are symbols of eternity and should be worn on the left hand ring finger during the wedding day. Apparently, this left hand ring finger had a vein linked directly to the heart called vena amoris or the vein of love. Fast forward a few centuries, the ancient Romans started the tradition of betrothal rings in lieu of giving the bride money or a valuable object. It was both a symbol of the man’s love and ownership of the woman.  

Nowadays men propose with an engagement ring with a whole lot more romantic reasons than the ancient Egyptians and Romans. An engagement ring is now more than just a symbol of love, devotion and fidelity. It gives the woman pride, confidence, significance, and security. It  also acts as a seal of your promise that you will show up on your wedding day and marry her! By proposing with an engagement ring, you are letting her know that she is cherished forever and that you will only give the best to her for the rest of your life.

So what are you waiting for? Go pick the perfect engagement ring, get down on one knee and ask her “will you marry me?”.


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