When is the best time to purchase your engagement ring?

It is the holiday season once again! Love is in the air, and you've finally decided to pop the question to that special someone who holds the key to your heart. A lot, and I mean thousands of men purchase their engagement rings during the Christmas season in hopes of proposing during the holidays.



But is this the only right time to profess your love to your significant other? Here are some insights that can help you time your engagement ring purchase and ease yourself of the shopping rush during Christmas.


  1. Any time of the year is the right time to profess your love and devotion to that special someone. Yep, this means you can purchase your engagement ring all year round and need not wait for the Christmas season. January to March is a good time for engagement ring shopping and popping the question. Restaurants and attractions (except on Valentines day) are not very crowded, travel to pretty places is not at its peak, and why not give your lady something exciting to look at during the long, hot days of summer.


  1. Be ready 2 months before your target proposal date. It is wise not to rush your engagement ring purchase and your marriage proposal! Having the ring at least 2 months before your proposal date gives you room to focus and pivot on your plans for the marriage proposal. It is important to note that we here at Lucce takes at most 20 working days to custom fabricate your ring. To learn more about our ring customization process, click here.


There you have it! I hope these insights help you in your engagement ring purchase journey. From everyone here at Lucce, a blessed Christmas to you! :)