Top 3 Things Women Want for Their Engagement Rings

The million-dollar question: what do women really want for their engagement rings? What will make us ultimately feel special? What is the ideal engagement ring for us?

There are a lot of myths and expectations around buying engagement rings. These include how much one should spend for it, how big should be the center stone, what kind of metal to use for the setting, etc…

Don’t worry if you are clueless, we here at Lucce can get you right on track! We know there’s much noise surrounding this topic, this is why we are sharing the top 3 things women want for engagement rings based on research and statistics:

1. Instagram-worthy Style

Based on Keeney and Ritani’s market research featured in, we women want our rings to be a reflection of our personality, and be unique amongst our friends. Engagement rings should be all about our style and that means it should be Instagram-worthy! What good is it to be engaged and have a beautiful ring if we don’t share the moment with our family, friends and the world right?

So speaking of instagram-worthy, statistics published in and estimates the global average size for engagement ring center stones to be around 1.2 carat. I get it! This carat size ensures that the ring is noticeable and screams “taken and engaged!


2. Enchanting Sparkle

According to the same research of Keeney and Ritani, women are after maximum brilliance. Using a gemstone that has a high brilliance refraction index and high fire dispersion would make the ring standout with that coveted enchanting sparkle!  Of all the gemstones in the world, only Moissanite and Diamond can pass this criterion.  But if you are intently looking for the most brilliant gem, then choose moissanite because it tops them all!

3. Green and Good

Women, especially millennials, gravitate towards products that do “good”. According to an article featured in, women nowadays are proactively seeking out goods and services that are aligned with their core principles and embody green practices. As much as possible, pick engagement rings that have an eco-friendly, conflict-free, ethical-source advocacy. This will make the ring so much more special and will surely put a smile in your partner’s face when she gets to know about it! :)

There you have it! No more “cluelessness”.  Do you think you are ready to pop the question? You only get to choose an engagement ring once in a lifetime, make sure to make the brilliant choice. :)


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