Meet the All-New Siena Pavé: A Brilliant Pink Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

pink lab diamond three stone ring

Introducing our newest addition to the Lucce Collection: the stunning Siena Pavé engagement ring. This extraordinary ring features a fancy vivid pink pear-cut lab diamond center—radiating elegance and sophistication all around. The Siena Pavé is a true masterpiece, designed to captivate and enchant.

A Dazzling Centerpiece

At the heart of the Siena Pavé engagement ring lies a rare and exquisite fancy vivid pink lab diamond. Known for their bold and captivating hues, pink diamonds are a symbol of luxury and femininity. The pear-cut shape adds a touch of uniqueness and elegance, making it a one-of-a-kind choice for those who appreciate the extraordinary.

three stone lab diamond ring

A Scintillating Trio

The Siena Pavé is a three-stone engagement ring that showcases the beauty of symmetry and balance. Hugging the center pink lab diamond are two dazzling round-cut diamonds, creating a harmonious trio of brilliance. The combination of the fancy vivid pink and the sparkling white diamonds creates a mesmerizing contrast that is sure to turn heads.

pink lab diamond ring worn on hand

Lavish Pavé Band

The band of the Siena Pavé is adorned with a lavish pavé setting, where small round diamonds are meticulously set to create a continuous band of sparkle. The pavé detailing adds a touch of glamour and extravagance to the ring, making it a true statement piece.

pave setting engagement ring

Brilliant Scalloped Basket

To enhance the overall beauty and elegance, the Siena Pavé features a brilliant scalloped basket design. This intricate and thoughtful craftsmanship not only provides a secure setting for the diamonds but also adds an exquisite touch to the underside of the ring. It is a testament to the fine artistry and delicate craftsmanship that goes into creating every Lucce ring.

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