Exploring Lucce Eternity Bands: Timeless Symbols of Love

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Discover the Perfect Match for Your Love Story

When it comes to celebrating love, Lucce shines as a beacon of exquisite craftsmanship and eternal commitment. Our collection of eternity bands beautifully complements our range of engagement rings, creating the perfect union that symbolizes your love's endless journey. In this article, we'll introduce you to our captivating Civini and Rivera Eternity Bands. Each design is a masterpiece of artistry, ready to be the most cherished symbol of your love story.

Civini Eternity Bands: Round Cut Elegance

Civini Bands are all about timeless elegance. Available in a variety of designs, these round cut wedding rings are a stunning addition to your bridal set.

half eternity lab diamond wedding ring

Civini 7-Stone Lab Diamond with a Lavish™ 0.77ctw

Civini 7-Stone

Embrace the brilliance of seven round cut gems set with shared prongs, to symbolize your everlasting love. This forever piece exudes radiance, capturing the essence of your vows to one another.

best eternity ring band wedding lucce

Civini 9-Stone Bands

Civini 9-Stone

With nine exquisite round cut lab diamonds, the Civini 9-Stone Band adds an extra layer of luxury to your wedding set. Each stone represents a moment in your love story, beautifully crafted to signify your enduring bond.

full eternity wedding ring moissanite lucce

Civini Eternity with 2ctw SUPERNOVA Moissanite

Civini Eternity

The Civini Eternity takes the concept of forever to a whole new level. With stones encircling the entire band, precisely crafted to perfection, it represents your love that knows no end. It's an eternal promise of commitment, designed to tell your love story for each and every day. 

Step into eternity with the Civini Eternity at our Female Band Collection.

Rivera Eternity Bands: Shaping Timeless Love

For those who adore other gemstone cuts, the Rivera Eternity Bands are a perfect choice. With the enchanting allure of multiple stones, these bands are designed to embrace the unique shape of your love story.

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Rivera 7-Stone Lab Diamond with a Lavish™ 0.77ctw

Rivera 7-Stone

With the Rivera 7-Stone, you're showcasing your love's journey. The timeless round cut gems encapsulate your commitment, while the refined trellis setting displays the most breathtaking brilliance of your promise.

top eternity ring band oval cut lucce

Rivera 9-Stone Lab Diamond with Lavish™ 1.08ctw Oval Cuts

Rivera 9-Stone

This Rivera 9-Stone graces your hand with the elegant shape of oval cut lab diamonds. Each stone captures the stages of your story, symbolizing your love that continually evolves over time.

full eternity wedding ring princess cut diamond lucce

Rivera Eternity with 2.40ctw Princess Cut SUPERNOVA Moissanite

Rivera Eternity

The Rivera Eternity reinvents the concept of a love that knows no boundaries. Its enchanting design tells your unique love story through every facet of the princess cut lab diamonds encircling the band.

Get to know the Rivera Eternity in greater detail.

Elevate Your Love Story with Lucce Rings

Here at Lucce, we are the keepers of your love story, transforming each moment into a brilliant piece that lasts as endless as your love. Our eternity bands are the perfect complement to your engagement ring, transforming it into a symbol of endless love to celebrate your journey and ensure it continues to shine brilliantly.

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