2024 Engagement Ring Trends: From Classic to Contemporary Designs by Lucce Rings

engagement ring trends 2024

As we step into 2024, engagement rings and their meaning continue to evolve, offering an array of styles and designs that redefine elegance and individuality. Lucce Rings is at the forefront, presenting a selection of captivating trends by our jewellery experts that reflect classic beauty and contemporary allure in the lifetime symbol of your commitment.

split shank engagement ring setting lucce

Lara Sunburst™ with a 1.46ct Fancy Vivid Yellow VVS2 Radiant Cut Lab Diamond

Split Shank Engagement Rings: A Modern Twist

In 2024, split shank engagement rings are taking center stage. This style gracefully embraces the center stone with bands that split and embrace each side, offering a timeless and sophisticated appearance. Lucce's Lara Ring exemplifies this trend, merging intricate details with refined craftsmanship in one elegant engagement ring.

three stone trilogy diamond engagement ring

Sophia Pavé Lab Diamond with a Lavish™ 1.27ct D VS1

Three-Stone Elegance: Timeless Sophistication

For those who seek classic elegance, the allure of three-stone engagement rings remains strong in 2024. The symbolic representation of your relationship's past, present, and future has made these engagement rings a perennial favorite. Our very own Sophia Luxe Lab Diamond, an exquisite Lucce Original design piece, embodies this tradition of eternal love and commitment merged in a trilogy ring.

platinum engagement ring price ph lucce

Castela Ring with a 1.92ct Forever ONE Hearts & Arrows

Platinum Radiance: A Testament to Luxury

Platinum engagement rings continue to enchant couples with their enduring brilliance and unmatched durability. In 2024, platinum reclaims its position as the ultimate choice for those seeking understated luxury. Lucce's platinum engagement ring collection epitomizes timeless elegance and exquisite craftsmanship that symbolizes purity, honesty, and strength in your relationship.

engagement ring flower lab grown diamond

Ellia Lab Diamond with a Lavish™ 1.02ct E VVS2

Nature-Inspired Splendor: Embracing Organic Beauty

2024 brings forth a surge in nature-inspired engagement rings. These designs feature delicate floral motifs, leaf patterns, and organic elements, complementing your beauty with the natural world's. Lucce's exquisite nature-inspired pieces evoke romance and captivate with their enchanting details to form a one-of-a-kind piece worthy of your love.

colored pink diamond engagement ring philippines lucce

Siena Rosé with a 1ct Pear Cut Pink Lab Diamond

Vividly Colored Lab Diamonds: Vibrancy and Individuality

This year, colored lab diamonds are becoming the heart of your timeless piece. Offering a spectrum of shades, they inject vibrancy and individuality into engagement ring designs. Lucce's Rosé™ Pink Lab Diamonds redefine elegance, presenting a spectrum of pink hues that exude sophistication and charm. On the other hand, the Sunburst™ Yellow Lab Diamond Collection stands out, radiating a stunning yellow hue that evokes the brilliance and beauty of the sun shining right at your fingertips. 

cluster setting diamond engagement ring lucce

Paula Lab Diamond with a Lavish™ 0.75ct D VVS2 Pear Cut

Cluster Engagement Rings: Brilliant Elegance

2024 brings back the allure of cluster engagement rings, where multiple diamonds or gemstones harmoniously come together, exuding one-of-a-kind elegance. The Paula Ring showcases this style, capturing the radiance of alternating round and marquise cut stones that evoke glamour and sophistication.

halo setting engagement ring price lucce

Presa Lab Diamond with a 0.75ct

Intricate Designs: Artistry Unveiled

Intricate designs take center stage, reflecting the artistry and craftsmanship of the finest jewellers. These rings feature elaborate details—filigree work, intricate metal patterns, and delicate settings—that elevate them to wearable works of art. Lucce's Collections showcase designs that merge beauty and precision in every angle for your unique masterpiece of an engagement ring.

flower setting floral engagement ring design lucce

Lucia Pavé with a 1.52ct Oval Cut SUPERNOVA Moissanite

Hidden Accents: Subtle Charms

Hidden accents add a touch of personalization and uniqueness that make your engagement ring truly one-of-a-kind. Engravings, secret jewels, and hidden accents beneath the setting lend an air of exclusivity to the ring. Each of our collections incorporate these subtle details, allowing your to embed your love story into the very fabric of the ring.

what wedding band matches my engagement ring

Sophia Luxe Lab Diamond with a Lavish™ 1ct D VVS2

Matching Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Designs: Harmonious Union

The trend of matching engagement ring and wedding band designs continues to gain traction in 2024. This synchronization ensures a harmonious union between the two rings, creating a seamless bond that symbolizes eternal commitment and embodies a perfect union.

ethical engagement ring brand philippines

Fiore Lab Diamond with a Lavish™ 1.02ct E VVS2

Ethical Sourcing: A Commitment to Responsibility

The year 2024 marks a significant shift towards ethical sourcing in the jewelry industry. Customers are increasingly conscious of the origins of their precious stones and metals. Since the beginning, Lucce Rings embraces ethical sourcing, ensuring that every diamond, moissanite, and precious metal we use is responsibly and sustainably sourced, upholding our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.


These engagement ring trends for 2024 offer a glimpse into the evolving landscape of timeless symbols of love and commitment. We continue to curate collections that not only follow trends but also set new standards of elegance, craftsmanship, and ethical responsibility in the realm of fine jewelry.

As we venture through 2024, we invite you to explore these captivating pieces that redefine engagement ring aesthetics. Whether you prefer timeless elegance or contemporary allure, our curated collection ensures you'll find the perfect symbol of your love and commitment. Unlock the future of love with Lucce Rings' 2024 engagement ring trends collection, where each ring tells a unique story and captures the essence of eternal love.