Everything You Need to Know About Emerald Engagement Rings: A Complete Guide

emerald engagement ring

The emerald cut lab diamond, with its elongated silhouette and step-cut facets, has captivated hearts for centuries. Its distinct history, captivating brilliance, and versatile setting options make it a coveted choice for lab-grown diamond engagement rings. Let's delve deeper into the world of emerald cut lab diamonds, exploring their unique characteristics and why they deserve your choice as the lifetime symbol of your love.

A Touch of History

The emerald cut, also known as the "cut emeralds" or the "step cut," can trace its roots back to the 15th century. It quickly gained popularity due to its ability to maximize the weight and brilliance of rough diamonds, which were often unevenly shaped back then. This method remained dominant until the invention of the brilliant cut in the 18th century, which offered increased sparkle through a combination of triangular and kite-shaped facets. However, the elegant simplicity and timeless charm of the emerald cut continued to captivate, finding a resurgence in various Art Deco designs of the 20th century.

emerald engagement ring

Firenze Pavé with a Lavish™ 0.77ct E VVS2 Emerald Cut

Engagement Ring Royalty

For engagement rings, the emerald cut's elongated form creates the illusion of a slender finger, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Its clean lines and geometric facets complement both modern and vintage-inspired settings. Popular choices include:

  1. Three-stone settings: This classic choice symbolizes the past, present, and future of your commitment. Flanking the emerald center stone with two smaller diamonds, often round or baguette cuts, enhances brilliance and adds a touch of symmetry.
  2. Split-shank settings: This modern and stylish design features a band that splits into two delicate bands around the center stone, adding a sense of lightness and airiness. It perfectly complements the clean lines of the emerald cut for a vintage look.
  3. Solitaire settings: The simplicity of a solitaire setting allows the emerald cut's mesmerizing beauty to take center stage, showcasing its clean lines and unique brilliance. This timeless choice is perfect for those who appreciate classic elegance and minimalist design.

emerald engagement ring

Firenze Pavé Lab Diamond with a Lavish™ 0.77ct E VVS2 Ex IGI Emerald Cut 

Beyond Brilliance: The 4Cs of Emerald Lab Diamonds

While brilliance is often associated with the brilliant cut, emerald lab diamonds possess a distinct type of brilliance characterized by internal fire and a "hall of mirrors" effect. However, the value and overall appearance of an emerald lab diamond are still significantly influenced by the same four factors as any diamond:


In an emerald cut, the cut grade becomes even more crucial because it directly impacts the stone's clarity, brilliance, and overall proportions. Look for an excellent or ideal cut grade for optimal beauty and light performance.

emerald engagement ring

Sophia Lab Diamond with a Lavish™ 1.38ct Emerald Cut, Layla Band


Unlike brilliant cuts, which can mask slight color variations through their complex facets, emerald cuts reveal the diamond's color more readily. For optimal brilliance and near-colorless appearance, choosing an emerald lab diamond within the DEFG color range is highly recommended. This ensures the stone maintains a dazzling white appearance, complementing the elegance of the cut and showcasing its captivating "hall of mirrors" effect.


Inclusions are often more noticeable in emerald cuts due to their step-cut facets. Opt for a VVS2 or better clarity grade, offering a flawless beauty for the symbol of your pure and honest love.

Carat weight

As with any diamond, carat weight directly influences the size and price of your emerald lab diamond. Remember, due to its elongated shape, an emerald cut may appear larger than a round brilliant cut of the same carat weight.

emerald engagement ring

Sophia Lab Diamond with a Lavish™ 1.25ct E VVS2 Emerald Cut

Embrace the Enduring Elegance

The captivating history, versatile design options, and unique brilliance of emerald cut lab diamonds offer a compelling alternative for those seeking a diamond with timeless elegance and modern appeal. By considering the historical significance, various setting options, and the nuances of the 4Cs, you can find the perfect emerald lab diamond engagement ring that reflects your love and captures her heart.