4 Tips To Make Sure You Pick An Engagement Ring She Will Love

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Congratulations for finding the incredible woman that you want to spend forever with. Now all you need is the perfect ring… one that she will love the moment she sees it…and for the rest of her life.

But with so many decisions to make (band, ring type, stone shape, ) and so much industry jargon (pavé, halo, princess, cushion), picking the engagement ring she will love can be an incredibly intimidating process. 

Every girl has her own unique taste in jewelry (meaning every woman will have her own “perfect” ring.). The secret to finding the perfect ring for your girlfriend is to figure out not just her jewelry preferences, but also her overall style.

To help you find the perfect engagement ring, we've put together 4 clear and highly actionable steps for you to follow:


1. Analyze Her Social Media

If you want to understand your girl’s style, one of the best places to look is at her social media and Pinterest boards. 

In case you don’t know, Pinterest is a virtual pin board where people “pin” websites and images that they like. It’s an incredible tool for determining your girlfriend’s overall style, because it’s literally a handpicked collection of things she likes.

To help you find the perfect engagement ring, see if your girlfriend has a board focused on something like:

  1. Jewelry
  2. Clothing
  3. Style
  4. Celebrity rings
  5. Etc.

Then use her pinned images to get a better idea of her overall style, and some inspiration for her perfect engagement ring.


2. Consider Her Personality

An engagement ring should be a reflection of the wearer herself. You can check our engagement ring collections to help you. So, what type of woman is your girlfriend?

If she’s feminine and graceful, choose a ring that is delicate, elegant and has intricate details.

Moissanite Engagement Ring Wedding Rings Proposal Ring Earrings Manila Philippines Lucce | Biella Engagement Ring


If she’s classic and vintage, choose a ring that is actually from a different era and has a nostalgic, vintage flair.

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Lucce | Aldina Engagement Ring


If she’s current and modern, pick a ring that is nontraditional, unique and contemporary

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Lucce | Loria - Princess Engagement Ring

When considering your girlfriend’s personality, you might find that she falls into more than one category. When choosing the overall style of the ring, focus on the things you love most about her to make your decision.


3. Check Her Current Jewelry

Does your girlfriend wear more silver or gold jewelry? A girl who wears more Silver will likely prefer a white gold or platinum band. Gold will likely prefer a yellow or rose gold band. Take note though of the effect of the ring setting color on how the centerstone would look like. 

Does she wear big pieces of jewelry that make a statement, or does she seem to choose items that are more subtle? A girl who consistently wears:

Minimalistic, simple jewelry will likely prefer a ring that has a more subtle, clean design.

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Lucce | Mirriam Engagement Ring

Big, flashy jewelry will likely prefer a ring that’s a bit larger or more unique (like a ring with a unique centerstone cut).

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Lucce | Gabriella Engagement Ring

4. Ask Friends and Family

The remaining details (shape of the stone and ring type) are nearly impossible to determine without directly asking your girlfriend.

But, you don’t want to do that, so it’s time to enlist some help from her best friends and family!