Matt and Gey - Proposal Story

For the past few months, we've been sharing stories on how the man planned the proposal for his partner. This time here's Gey sharing her point of view of the story:


I've been praying to be engaged since last year. This year I told God, 'Lord before the second quarter ends, I claim that I will be engaged'

I became so busy with office work, including my preparation for school, that I didn't notice that it was the last month of the second quarter already.

Since Matt and I enjoy outdoor activities, I asked him if we can go for mountain climbing. He quickly said yes.

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Two weeks after that, we're on our way to Mt. Mapalad in Tanay Rizal, together with our closest friends in church. I was so excited because we were many, he even invited his videographer and photographer friends.

Our call time was 12 AM and everyone was excited. We arrived at the jumpoff by 4:30 AM and then we started the trek. It was so strange because that time he didn't accompany me- instead he joined the swiper group, so I decided to join the front guide group.

We arrived at the peak by 5:30 AM, just in time for the sunrise. Everyone was taking selfies and groupies. We decided to have a photoshoot for couples. So every couple took photos at the big palm.


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When it was our turn, I was feeling a bit awkward, but I still went with the flow. Suddenly it felt so strange, a thought came into my mind: "What if he proposes to me right at this moment".

I became so nervous that I couldn't make a good pose 😂. He went behind and suddenly he said, "Baby, I love you so much" and that was the sweetest "I love you" I've ever heard. He asked me to look at him but at that very moment, I couldn't because I was becoming emotional. I knew something was about to happen...

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I cried and looked at him. He asked me, "Ano, ready ka na ba makasama ako habang buhay?" (Are you ready to be together for the rest of our lives?). I was speechless. I tried to speak clearly. Then I finally said YES.

Charles and Colvard Forever One Moissanite Philippines

He gave me the ring and that was the most memorable time in my life. I couldn't imagine that I will be engaged that day and that he already planned everything beforehand (even the car seating arrangement).

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That moment, I felt as if everything was moving slowly... Deep inside I knew that my forever with him has started that day. Yes, I'm excited to have more adventures with you, My Forever. 💞

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