Christian and Cheyenne - Proposal Story

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Each love story is unique! For Christian and Cheyenne, it only took a short time of being physically together for them to know that they are meant for each other. And no matter how far Christian was, he still found a way and was able to orchestrate his proposal to Cheyenne. Get to know their love story as told by Cheyenne. #LucceLove

"I swiped right on my “Mr. Right”.

I actually met Dale on a dating app. I wasn’t there to look for a relationship & Dale wasn’t either maybe (he was in the Philippines for a vacation) —I was using the App out of curiosity.

The day I introduced Dale to my parents was actually the first time we met. I didn’t want to tell my family or some of my friends about how we met because I was afraid they will judge us -seeing as how they’re very old school and conservative (if my family reads this —well, now you know).

We did start as travel buddies, but after a few days, he asked me to be his girlfriend. We clicked right away. Like, magic.

So out of 486 days in our relationship, we got to spend 15 days of it together when he was in the Philippines —the rest was spent with great distance.

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A few weeks ago, someone ordered a minimalist cake from me. She specifically told me to write “She said YES!” on it  and I accepted it. She set it for pick-up at 8PM. 

So I went out with my home clothes. Gave the cake to her, but then she said “Wait, I wanna see the cake first.” so she opened her car and I saw the balloons and thought “Oh that girl is in for a surprise then.” —my eyes were wandering around, but then I saw Dale on her iPad. I was really surprised because all this time, the cake was for me and I kept asking Dale if it looked nice.

“There is no other who is capable of making my dreams come true but you. You are everything I have earnestly prayed for. Take my hand into yours, and agree to be mine. Will you marry me?” He said. It was a 100% “YES” for me of course. I guess distance and pandemic couldn’t stop him from proposing. 

I’m very much lucky to have a very patient, kind, and loving man like him." 

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