7 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring should be a pleasurable experience. However, a lot of men find it pretty challenging. Well, it is, if you won’t follow our tips on buying an engagement ring. Here are 7 tips that would surely help prevent turning your buying experience into a stressful nightmare!

1. Firstly set a budget that you are comfortable with. You can set it on your own or you can set it with your partner. Some couples nowadays discuss the engagement ring budget together.

2. Decide on when do you want the ring. Allow enough time for the jeweller to craft the ring especially if you want a custom design. Here at Lucce, we give up to 20 working days to craft your one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Here is another blog to help you decide when to have your ring crafted. 

3. Educate yourself! Learn about Moissanite and how it has higher brilliance, fire and lustre than diamond. Also do research on the different kinds of Moissanite, remember not all Moissanites are the same. This is why here at Lucce, we use SUPERNOVA Moissanite, a top grade high quality moissanite that will surely take her breath away. Book an appointment to see it for yourself!


4. Book an exclusive appointment with your jeweler and personally consult about the ring that you would want. Talking to an expert can help you decide on the specifics of your ring such as centerstone cut, carat, metal setting, metal color, design, etc. Here is why booking an appointment with Lucce is a good idea.

5. Find out her ring size. You can get our free ring sizer to be sent to you. Here is another blog which contains additional tips on how to get her ring size without her knowing!

6. Choose a jeweller that is knowledgeable and that you are comfortable with. A good jeweller is there to provide you with professional advice and helps you find buys that you wouldn't find on your own. 

7. This is a very exciting time, so enjoy every moment of the buying experience!