Lucce's Premium Lab Grown Diamonds and Engagement Rings

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The Lucce Lavish™ line of Lab grown Diamonds is a handpicked selection of only the finest IGI- and GIA-Certified Lab Diamonds with the representation of your love in mind. Discover these exquisite diamonds in our thoughtfully designed and delicately crafted engagement rings:

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We know the typical diamond buying process is complex, which is why our team made it as easy as possible for you. Now, you can focus on selecting the perfect ring that enhances her inner glow. ✨ Your search for the finest Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring at the right price point ends here.

Only Premium IGI- and GIA-Certified Lab Diamonds

Pear Cut Hidden Halo Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

Verona Pavé Lab Diamond with a 1ct D VVS2 Pear Cut

“Not all IGI- or GIA-certified lab-grown diamonds are deserving of her Engagement Ring”

The Lucce Lavish™ Premium Lab-Grown Diamond Difference

The Lucce Lavish™ line of Premium Lab grown Diamonds is a handpicked selection of only the finest IGI- and GIA-Certified Lab Diamonds with the best light performance at the optimal carat weights and the representation of your love in mind.

Lucce Lavish™ Lab Diamonds embody a promise that you will only give her the best—only available in D to G color grades with a clarity of IF - VS1 along with an Excellent to Ideal Cut.

💎 Color: G to D

💎 Clarity: VS1 to IF

💎 Cut: Excellent to Ideal

💎 Polish: Excellent

💎 Symmetry: Excellent

💎 Fluorescence: None

💎 Inclusions: No Visible and Unobtrusive

💎 Sourcing: Ethical and Eco-conscious

“Only a select few of IGI- and GIA-certified lab diamonds pass our standards to be included in the Lucce Lavish™ line.” 

Engagement ring Wedding rings gold jewelry moissanite lab grown diamond manila philippines

Here's an example of IGI- and GIA-certified lab-grown diamonds that pass our standards to be included in our selection of Lucce Lavish™ lab diamonds.

Engagement ring Wedding rings gold jewelry moissanite lab grown diamond manila philippines

gia report certificate engagement ring Wedding rings gold jewelry moissanite lab grown diamond manila philippines

“Choosing Lucce Lavish Lab Grown Diamonds means not only embracing extraordinary beauty but also embracing sustainability and ethical practices.”

These lab-grown diamonds embody a love that extends beyond borders, nurturing a more responsible and conscious world. With every Lucce Lavish™ Lab-grown Diamond engagement ring, you celebrate a love that is pure and takes care of the environment and the well-being of future generations. 

Engagement ring Wedding rings gold jewelry moissanite lab grown diamond manila philippines

Presa Lab Diamond with a 1ct D VVS2 in Platinum

The Finest Symbol of Your Love 

Only the best will qualify as a Lucce Lavish™ Premium Lab Grown Diamond – to make sure that your engagement ring is a perfect representation of her timeless beauty and your undying love.


Why Modern Couples are choosing Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

Discover how a Lab Grown Diamond fares versus its Earth-mined counterpart

Explore our Lab Diamond Engagement Ring Collections

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Ronah Lab Diamond with a 1.25ct D VVS2 in Platinum


Understanding Lab Grown Diamonds For Engagement Rings: A Quick Guide

When selecting your perfect engagement ring, understanding the 4Cs—cut, color, clarity, and carat weight—is also essential. After all, these elements determine the beauty, brilliance, and overall value of the center stone. To ensure that your ring is truly worthy of representing your love, our Lucce Lavish™ lab diamonds exclusively feature exceptional 4Cs, certified by world-class institutes: IGI and GIA.

Cut: Unleashing Brilliance

The cut of a lab grown diamond is often considered the most crucial factor affecting its beauty. It determines how effectively the stone interacts with light, creating brilliance and sparkle. A well-cut diamond maximizes the amount of light reflected back to the viewer's eye, resulting in a captivating display of fire and brilliance wherever she goes. Whether she prefers a classic round, elegant princess, or other fancy-shaped piece, an expertly cut diamond will definitely showcase its beauty to the fullest. 

best 1 carat round cut nature flower inspired lab grown diamond engagement ring white gold jewelry manila philippines

Christine Lab Diamond with a 1ct D VVS2

Color: Captivating Hue

The color of a lab grown diamond diamond is graded on a scale ranging from D (colorless) to Z (yellow or brown). The rarity of colorless diamonds makes them the most desirable among all. For those seeking a brilliant, true colorless center stone, our Lucce Lavish™ line of IGI- and GIA-certified lab diamonds feature a best-in-quality range of choices that fit your highest standards.

Clarity: Flawless Beauty

While made in labs, these grown diamonds also have unique birthmarks called inclusions. The clarity grade evaluates their number, size, and visibility. A lab diamond with a higher clarity grade has fewer or no visible inclusions, resulting in a more brilliant and captivating stone. The Lucce Lavish™ line of IGI- and GIA-certified lab grown diamonds are handpicked to ensure exceptional clarity, guaranteeing your engagement ring center stone possesses flawless beauty.

Carat Weight: Reflecting Grandeur

The carat weight of a lab grown diamond refers to its size and weight. While carat weight alone doesn't determine a stone's beauty, it certainly plays a role in reflecting grandeur and significance. Larger stones tend to make a bolder statement, while smaller ones can exude an elegant and delicate charm. Whether you dream of a majestic 3-carat diamond or prefer a more understated yet meaningful 1-carat size, our range of IGI- and GIA-certified lab diamonds offer a range of carat weights to suit your desires.

best three carat round cut lab grown diamond engagement ring wedding band white gold jewelry philippines

Daphne Ring with a 3ct D VVS1

Choosing Lucce Lavish™ lab-grown diamonds ensures that your engagement ring center stone has the finest quality and meets ethical sourcing standards. These pieces are exclusively IGI- or GIA-certified to guarantee authenticity and exceptional 4Cs of your chosen diamond. Coupled with our exquisite selection of designer settings and you'll get a one-of-a-kind, sustainable, and ever-brillant engagement ring to showcase your unique kind of love.

Explore our Beginner's Guide to Lab Diamond 4Cs to learn more about its importance in searching for your perfect engagement ring.


The Advantage of using Lab Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Lab Diamonds are a great choice for couples who are looking for a modern and ethical engagement ring. Here are some of the advantages of using lab diamonds for engagement rings:

best lab diamond rings oval cut

Biella Lab Diamond with a Lavish™ Oval Cut


Lab-grown diamonds are of equal or better quality than earth-mined diamonds. They also have the same chemical composition, optical properties, physical features, and grading categorization as earth-mined diamonds. 

lab diamond engagement ring design

Fiore Lab Diamond with a Lavish™ 1.25ct D VVS2 GIA


Lab-grown diamonds are available in a wider range of colors and sizes compared to earth-mined diamonds. You can choose the perfect diamond for your engagement ring which personally resonates with you. 


Lab-grown diamonds or cultured diamonds are more sustainable than earth-mined diamonds. The mining of diamonds can have a significant environmental impact, including deforestation, water pollution, and air pollution. Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, are grown in a controlled environment with minimal environmental impact.

lab diamond ring halo setting

Montevalle Pavé Lab Diamond with a 1ct D VVS2 Pear Cut


Lab-grown diamonds are typically 30-50% less expensive than earth-mined diamonds of comparable quality. This is because the growing process for lab-grown diamonds is more efficient and less costly than mining.

classic diamond engagement ring

Ronah Lab Diamond with a Lavish™ 0.50ct D VVS2


Lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free, while there is a risk that earth-mined diamonds may be sourced from conflict zones. You can have piece of mind that your lab diamond engagement ring did not harm or displaced people. Growing lab diamonds also have lower carbon footprint and generally have better labor practices. You are assured that your lab grown diamond engagement ring embodies your pure love.  

If you are looking for a diamond that is high-quality, sustainable, ethical, and affordable for your engagement ring, then a lab-grown diamond is the best option for you.

Pioneering the Future: Lucce's Lab Grown Diamonds in the Philippines

Lucce is setting new standards in the world of jewelry by wholeheartedly embracing lab-grown diamonds (cultured diamonds). Our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices has solidified our position as pioneers in the industry.

pear cut lucce lab grown diamond engagement ring

Paula Lab Diamond with a Lavish™ 0.75ct D VVS2 Pear Cut

Leading the Way with Lab Grown Diamonds

Nestled in the heart of the Philippines, Lucce takes pride in being the avant-garde in offering lab-grown diamonds, revolutionizing the world of fine jewelry. Our legacy is woven with a passion for exquisite craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. We present to you a realm of lab-grown diamonds with a vast and stunning selection, setting the stage for a sparkling revolution in the Philippines.

Crafting Brilliance & Crafting Change

Lucce isn't just another jewelry brand; it's a symbol of innovation, sustainability, and unadulterated elegance. Our journey began with an inherent ardor for creating fine jewelry that encapsulates life's most cherished moments. Over time, this fervor has matured into a profound expertise, solidifying Lucce's place as an epitome of excellence and a frontrunner in sustainability within the world of jewelry.

Lab Grown Diamonds: A Sustainable Legacy & Luxury

Lucce's lab-grown diamonds represent sustainable luxury in its purest form. Our jewelry isn't just an accessory; it's a declaration that champions responsible choices. By choosing Lucce, you're not just selecting exquisite jewelry; you're making a commitment to a better, more sustainable future.

solitaire setting lucce lab diamond engagement ring platinum

Verona Lab Diamond with a Lavish™ 1.51ct F VS1

Elevating Love with Lab Diamonds in the Philippines

As a brand deeply rooted in the Philippines, Lucce is committed to elevating love in this nation and the world. Our lab diamonds are designed to celebrate the spirit of the Philippines, its beauty, warmth, and vibrant culture. When you choose a Lucce Lavish™ lab-grown diamond, you're acquiring not just a piece of jewelry but a symbol of love deeply intertwined with the heart of the Philippines.



Why Filipinos Choose Lucce's Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

Uncompromising Beauty, Untarnished Love

Love deserves only the best. Lucce's lab diamonds, meticulously chosen by master jewelers, rival the beauty of any mined stone. Every facet reflects light with captivating brilliance, showcasing the exquisite settings and designs that Lucce is known for. These engagement rings are testaments to a love that is both passionate and responsible, burning bright without casting a shadow on the precious planet we share.

Love that Shines Bright, With Responsibility

Filipinos hold a deep connection to nature, recognizing its beauty and vulnerability. Lab diamonds resonate with this inherent respect. Unlike mined diamonds, they leave no environmental scars, allowing couples to celebrate their love while protecting the Earth they wish to share. This alignment with Filipino values is why Lucce's lab diamond engagement rings are captivating hearts across the nation.

Ethical Brilliance: A Dazzling Choice for the Conscious Generation

Modern Filipino couples are increasingly choosing conscious consumption, seeking alternatives that don't compromise either love or values. Lucce's premium lab grown diamonds, boasting exquisite fire, brilliance, and hardness, offer a guilt-free alternative. Couples can now declare their love with engagement rings that sparkle not just with diamonds, but with the ethical glow of responsible choices.

A Legacy of Love, Passed Down with Confidence

Lab diamond engagement rings, like their mined counterparts, become cherished heirlooms passed down through generations. Lucce's engagement rings, crafted with ethically sourced materials and meticulous attention to detail, stand the test of time. As they travel through families, they tell stories of enduring love and conscious choices, reminding future generations of the values that shine brightest within.