Moissanite - The Most Beautiful Jewel in the World

What makes Moissanite the queen of all gemstones? Here are 7 remarkable facts that you need to know about the most beautiful jewel in the world!


1. Moissanite Came from a Meteor!

Moissanite was first discovered in Arizona in 1893 by Noble Prize winning French scientist Henri Moissan. His first sample of Moissanite (which was named after himself) was found inside of a meteorite crater. Dr. Moissan initially thought he had found a diamond but as he took his sample to the lab, he discovered it was silicon carbide. At that point, Moissanite was born!


2. Moissanite is More Brilliant than Diamonds!

The ability of a gemstone to reflect white light is known as its brilliance. How much light a gem reflects is its Refractive Index (RI). Moissanite is unique from diamonds because it reflects more light. You know that enchanting sparkle that make gemstones stand out? Moissanite tops them all! It is also less likely to attract dirt and grime than a diamond and stays more brilliant between cleanings.  Very convenient right?


3. Moissanite is Conflict-Free and Environment-Friendly

Unlike mined jewels, Moissanite is absolutely conflict free, with guaranteed origin. 
This makes it environment friendly! Many consumers are seeking a more socially responsible form of fine jewellery and appreciate the assurance Moissanite provides.


4. Naturally Occurring Moissanite is Rarer than Diamonds.

Moissanite is rarer than diamonds! Yep, you heard that right! Rarity is the availability or perceived availability of a jewel. Moissanite is by far the rarest jewel on earth. Naturally occurring quantities of Moissanite are so minute, that is why they are really not suitable for use in jewellery. Because it is so rare, Moissanite had to be grown in a lab so that people could enjoy it for use in fine jewellery. Still, the process of growing Moissanite in a lab is so complex, that it is as much an art as a science.

5. Moissanite has Incredible Value 

You would think the most brilliant jewel in the world would be the most expensive jewel too.  Thankfully, it’s not!  Moissanite will last a lifetime and maintain its brilliance, fire and lustre forever. The lifetime of enjoyment you receive when you wear Moissanite is immense compared to the investment you’ve made. Expect it to also increase in value over time. Now that is incredible value!


6. Moissanite has Superior Heat Resistance. 

Moissanite has heat resistance properties superior to many other jewels, offering the distinct advantages for using Moissanite in fine jewellery. First, Moissanite jewels can be cast in place, allowing the jewellery designer to offer innovative, exact-fit designs.  Second, Moissanite jewels are less likely to experience heat damage during jewellery repair operations. Finally, Moissanite jewels can survive the extreme temperatures found in typical house fires. 

7. Moissanite is Harder than Sapphires and Rubies 

Stones are measured by hardness because the harder they are, the more difficult they are to scratch. Moissanite loose stones have a rating of 9.25 on the  Mohs hardness scale.