Things To Do For Your Valentine's Date

Once again, Valentines day is around the corner! And once again, the annual question for men or couples wanting to have a memorable celebration – what do we do for our Valentines date?

Lucce wants you to have a blast during your valentines date so here are some ideas that could hopefully help you in your preparation:

1. Fall-in Love with Fireworks at the Pyromusical Competition

Fireworks and Music, what a combination! And we are not talking about 1-minute firework displays here - but a night where the skies will be lit up with the most amazing fireworks from exhibitionists around the world.  Imagine listening to music with matching fireworks while cuddling your special someone below the star-studded sky. Could it get better than that? You might want to propose there too! Check out some details of the upcoming Pyromusical this February:

international pyromusical philippines 2019

2. Indulge in “Michelin-staresque” Filipino Food

Would you like to taste Filipino food at the highest level? Introducing Tahanan Bistro, a place where you can relax and dine with a whole new experience atop Antipolo. You might want to book a table now at

tahanan bistro restaurant antipolo

3. Explore and stroll around an Art Museum in the Mountains

This art museum is one of the favorite places of Lucce founders Michael and Christine. In fact, this is where Michael proposed to Christine! The land area of Pinto art museum is vast and it also has an outdoor area making it great for strolling and exploring art relics. If you and your partner are into paintings, sculptures or anything art, then this place would really be magical. Check out the website of Pinto Art Museum here:

pinto art museum

4. Enjoy a night at a Concert / Theatre Show / Musical

A classic way to enjoy your valentine’s celebrations is by having a night at a concert, a theater show or a musical. Phantom of the Opera is opening on February 20 and you don’t want to miss the opportunity. Did you know that the first date of Lucce founders Michael and Christine was at the showing of the Phantom of the Opera? And look where they are now – happily married and eternally in-love. A raise of hands for those who would want to marry their valentine date! Check out the schedule and tickets here: 

phantom of the opera philippines 2019

5. Tour Intramuros while riding a Kalesa

Have a tour and learn about history for valentine’s? why not! Intramuros, the walled city in Manila, is a place of heritage and history. From the wall surrounding it to the classic vibes of the establishments inside, this is a must see if you are living in the metro. So how do you tour this walled city? Not by walking of course but by riding a classic Kalesa! Would not that be romantic? Strolling the city on a Kalesa with your very own tour guide is a one of a king experience too. Learn more about these kalesa tours at:

intramuros kalesa tour

6. Try a new resto that is number 25 in Asia’s top 50 restaurants

Want to try a totally new resto in the country? Why not dine at the Ministry of Crab – ranked number 25 in Asia’s Top 50 restaurants list! Yes, the best restaurant in Sri Lanka is now in Manila at Shangri-la fort. Get ready for a romantic date for valentines and experience crab like no other. Book for a table:

Ministry of Crab Manila 


Whatever you choose, make sure that the focus this coming valentines is the both of you! Let love reign this February and each day of our wonderful lives!