Steps to Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

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You're ready to spend the rest of your life with your amazing girlfriend. So you set out to buy a ring, only to realize you don't know the first thing about jewelry!

Picking the perfect engagement ring is a momentous but often a stressful occasion (especially for men!). To find the best ring to make your woman feel loved and special, you'll need to get educated. But don't worry! You have us to help. We'll break down the steps to finding the perfect engagement ring.

Take some of the uncertainty out of the process by reading this blog to discover what qualities and features everyone should be looking for in an engagement ring. 


1. Know your Budget

Please don't start your marriage in debt because you're still making payments on that engagement ring. The general rule for buying a ring is to save up two to three months salary. But there are so many beautiful rings that won't break your bank.

Quality engagement rings can cost anywhere from P45,000 to millions of pesos. In some ways, you and your fiancée will get what you paid for. That's why it's important for you to do research on prices before you even get started. Talk to a reputable jeweler about your budget. They should be able to work with you.


2. Take Note of Her Style

There is nothing more personal than an engagement ring, so you'll want to make sure you find something that fits her personality. 

Start paying attention to what she wears. Is her style classic? Artistic? Bold and fierce? Super feminine? All these clues can lead to finding the perfect engagement ring. Keep her lifestyle in mind. 

Talk to friends and family about what she'd like. But be careful! Some of the people you talk to might give you advice about the rings THEY would want, not what your girlfriend wants. Be wise when you ask for advice.


3. Choose a Centerstone

Now is the time to find out if your future fiancée is a classic diamond girl. Despite what the marketing tells you, not everyone is wowed by diamonds.

Your girlfriend might like the look of a diamond but isn't impressed by the price or the ethical problems in the industry. Then moissanite rings are a perfect alternative.They look like a diamond, sparkle better, and won't break the bank compared to traditional diamond engagement rings.

You will also need to choose the shape of the centerstone. Round and oval are classic. Cushion or Princess cuts are square and are very popular. You can even get a heart shaped stone for your loved one. Talk to us about your options, and pick the one you think your fiancee will like best.


4. Choose a Setting

A ring setting refers to the way the gemstone sits in the ring. Most stones are set in prongs in the ring, little "claws" that keep the ring in place. You won't have to worry too much about prongs unless you get a heart moissanite, or marquise shaped moissanite. In that case, make sure you get a V-shaped prong to protect the sharp ends of the stone.

Other settings include Tension settings, Bezel, Channel, Bar, and Pave settings. When you're picking out an engagement ring setting, you might think about getting a set of rings. This way you'll know your fiancee's engagement ring will match the wedding ring, which often looks better.


5. Choose your Ring Metal Color

The metal you choose for your engagement ring will depend on your fiancee's taste, but there are some standards.

Yellow gold rings were popular for generations, but lately, it's given way to white gold. Rose gold is also a trending. See what color metal your fiancee wears now. If she wears more silver looking jewelry, then white gold is a good choice.


Are you ready to pick the Perfect Engagement Ring for her?

Now that you've done your research, finding the perfect engagement ring should be a lot easier. Click here for some great SUPERNOVA and Forever One Moissanite options in many different cuts and styles.