Jay Pee and Lorna - Proposal Story

 Jay Pee and Lorna - Proposal Story

He worked in the Cruise Ship Industry and She worked in the Tourism and Travel Industry. Jay Pee and Lorna's love story shows how destined they are for each other. 

"Let me start our story by borrowing this quote " Good Things come to those who wait, better things come to those who don't give up and the best thing comes to those who believe." I started my career working on the cruise industry 2013. at the aged of 23 years old I was fortunate to travel the world while working. But like any other typical seafarer story, I never had stable and long term relationships due to the nature of my work. It came to a point that I surrendered everything to God praying of having a right partner.

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When I met Lorna few years ago, It was not a love at first sight story, I went in to her office as her client, although I admit she was already an eye catcher. it took few more days for us to reconnect again and then I had the courage to invite her for a dinner. We did continue dating, but then it was always short lived as I needed to leave for work again. I really worked hard and finally earned her trust and it was an everyday work in progress until finally she became a habit in my life. That's when I realized that she was the one I prayed for. I was her first boyfriend, She was the only partner who stood by my side.

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I planned my proposal for a year while I was working on board and the struggle of getting that perfect ring for her was a big challenge. Luckily I found Lucce online and tried to research on their company's background. With their help, I pulled off a perfect surprise birthday and engagement dinner for her."