Jake and Joanna - Proposal Story

Jake and Joana - Proposal Story

Here is the story of how Jake planned the perfect anniversary vacation to propose in a country that Joanna really wants to visit...
"Every anniversary, we always plan to go somewhere to celebrate another milestone of us being together. For this year, we went to Japan. It's been our dream to go to Japan together and I knew it was the perfect place for us to celebrate our anniversary. And finally, the perfect timing for me to propose to the love of my life in the country we always daydream of.
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It was on our 5th day in Japan when we planned to visit gardens in Tokyo. I asked her to list down at least three gardens and their address so it'd be easier for us to navigate the their location. Funny thing that she had no idea why we were going to different gardens. 
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I wanted the proposal to be intimate, just my love and I and pure serenity surrounding us. I wanted the moment to last. I was quite nervous that I might not be able to do the proposal at all since the first two gardens we visited were both a bit crowded and gardens in Japan usually close early.
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Thinking that I was running out of time and we only had one final garden in our list to explore, we saw a great spot to stay at. Her eyes were amazed by the scenic view and beauty of the place. Right then, I knew that was the perfect spot for the proposal.
I asked her to stand in front of the camera while I set it up. We didn’t know that the park was about to close at 4:30pm. She started to panic when there’s a mobile roaming around announcing that the the park was already closing and knowing we haven’t shoot anything, she seemed to get mad and frustrated.
Then, we were the only ones left in the area. 
When we’re ready to take shots, I paused for a while and walked towards our stuff to get the ring in my bag. This made her pissed off especially, it took me quite a while. At this time, I knew my plan just started.
Then, I clicked the camera and the 10-second countdown began. 
I knew in my head, these 10 seconds were the longest time in my life. The most important, the period of time I needed the most to contain myself and make sure I would be able to do everything I had to right within 10 seconds.
10, I was counting in my head for that perfect timing.
9, I was slowly walking towards her. 
8, I looked in to her eyes. 
7, I held her hands. 
6, I smiled at her. 
5, I was so nervous for what’s gonna happen. 
4, I was quite teary eyed but I had to be in character.
3, I knelt down and asked her “Will you be my baby forever?” 
2, She got teary eyed and confused. Then she said, “Totoo ba?” 😄 because I always tease her of proposing to her.  
Then ...
1, and snap! The camera’s shutter captured everything. Out of all the thousands of pictures and videos we had in the past, it only took one shot to capture that perfect moment.
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She was shocked and started crying. She wasn’t even able to answer my question, so I grabbed her hand, put the ring on her finger and hugged her tightly. 
I wanted to stop that moment and I couldn’t explain what I felt that time. 
We got mixed emotions but all we know is that we are both excited to face the next chapter of our lives.
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It’s amazing how God orchestrated everything on that day. It feels like it was planned to happen the way it did. Everything’s perfect. It was just the two of us having that moment while the sun was about to set. It’s so surreal."
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